GEO Redirect – pointing your traffic to the exact GEOs

Published : 22 Feb 2019   author : Indoleads Bot

Please be informed that GEO Redirect system was implemented in Indoleads Platform.

What does it mean?
If the traffic is not suitable for a certain offer by Geo (for example  Zalora PH) and the click is coming not from PH but from TH – the user will be automatically redirected to such campaigns like Aliexpress – that supports all Geos. This means you will be experiencing some offers in your reports that you were not promoting directly.  This is due to the fact that your traffic was not suitable for certain offers due to GEO. Now, this system works for all the geo-specific offers.

Benefit of GEO Redirect:
Geo Redirect can be very beneficial to both publishers and advertisers. For publishers, the clear benefit is that you can use the traffic that would otherwise not be suitable for a specific offer. This can increase the chances of conversion of the traffic which was not suitable for that specific offer (and won’t result in a conversion anyway).

What’s next?
For your convenience we have implemented a Preview link for the publishers to see what the actual website of the offer looks like. In the meantime, we recommend using strong VPN services to provide you with an IP from the specific GEO as well.

If you are unsure about some offers – you can contact your account manager for assistance with checking the offer for you!

We would like to know your feedback about this – please share your opinion via the link below!

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