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A bridge between advertisers and affiliates

We provide a risk-free performance-based digital marketing solution that could add from 15% to 30% conversions to your business instantly. Today our CPA affiliate network is serving more than 2000 offers from over 180 countries around the world.

$500M revenue annually for our clients
2000+ offers from top advertisers
7 local offices in 7 countries
60,000+ registered and verified affiliates

Our History

Every company starts with someone's ambitious idea. For Indoleads, this idea was to create a global CPA network that could not only unite advertisers and webmasters, but also do it as efficiently and profitably as possible for both parties. Over the years, we continue to constantly improve our service. Our team is not afraid to introduce new products and solutions, anticipating future trends in the affiliate marketing market.

Becoming an Empire: 2017 - 2022

Indoleads was founded in Malaysia and quickly grew into one of the largest partner networks in the international and Russian-speaking segment. The original focus on offers in the Southeast region has rapidly expanded to a global scale, so today we work in more than 180 countries around the world. Our international team, operating all over the world, consists of experienced professionals with many years of online promotion experience.

Focus on the result

Since the very beginning we offer our clients a marketing solution that allows them to achieve concrete results in attracting an audience and increasing sales without any risks. +30% to conversions already in the first months of cooperation - absolutely achievable, which is confirmed by the experience of thousands of companies that have chosen us as their partner.

We work for results and we know that high quality traffic is the key to effective online advertising. To ensure high-quality traffic, our specialists regularly check webmasters and monitor compliance with the conditions of affiliate programs. We use in-house tracking system that is able to detect and stop any fraud activity. Therefore, working with us, you can be sure that you pay only for the result - real conversions from trusted webmasters.


Our clients and webmasters get access to all the necessary analytics and tracking tools, which ensures complete openness of click and conversion statistics. We use the data of our advertisers and webmasters only to the extent necessary to provide the service, because the security of your personal data is our priority.

Our team

Sergey Gaydar
Chief Executive Officer
Durrah Sahari
Head of Advertisers
Nura Alysha Badlishah
Head of Affiliates
Nick Shigov
Head of Business

Talking about us

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