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How it works in 6 simple steps

  1. You determine the commission for each agreed action.
  2. We come up with an easily integrated solution.
  3. We announce your campaign to our affiliates and they start to push traffic towards it.
  4. The user clicks on an ad on the affiliate's site and comes to your site.
  5. An invited user makes a purchase or other action. You get a sale.
  6. You pay us commission for each confirmed action.

One powerful tool with multiple channels to reach your audience


banners 45%

others 5%

native 5%

socials 5%

vouchers 10%

context ads 10%

push 20%

No hidden fees,
just profit

No investment

Payments are made only after confirmed actions on your site

Pay once a month

Payments are made once a month only for confirmed actions

Pay for results

You pay us commission only for confirmed action

Accurate tracking

We care about data security and fraud protection


We work with more than
60,000+ affiliates worldwide

UK 5%

Germany 5%

India 15%

Brazil 7%

Vietnam 5%

UK 5%

Germany 5%

India 15%

Brazil 7%

Vietnam 5%

Thailand 6%

USA 10%

Russia 10%

Malaysia 6%

Canada 5%

Thailand 6%

USA 10%

Russia 10%

Malaysia 6%

Canada 5%

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Only real testimonials


I’m working with Indoleads for about 2.5 years now. I’ve started with monetizing my blog and now have several other websites where I keep promoting their offers. It’s really a trustworthy network. They have a truly large list of advertisers for almost all niches out there. I’m focused on traveling, a friend of mine was promoting insurance and eCommerce offers, and we both found the top companies here. They provide you with all marketing tools and give you access to the reporting system where you can see all targeted actions performed from one place. But most importantly - they never fail to pay! Oh boy, how many networks do that, tell you to wait and then never pay! Indoleads maintains a high standard, so I would recommend it to any blogger out there.

I always value my time, and never give anyone a second chance. If a CPA network doesn’t meet my goals, I leave it immediately. Indoleads has never disappointed me and is one of the great examples of perfectly organized CPA networks. Their support team is always here to help you out, and even advise on some marketing channels. Tracking system is transparent, so you get what you’ve earned. They have some very attractive exclusive offers, and I didn’t hesitate to make some good money on them. In a nutshell, Indoleads is a team of professionals.

Found Indoleads about three years ago after someone recommended them on an Internet forum, and couldn’t be happier, because I can finally focus on the content. What I like here is transparency, you just go to your account and see all the conversions, any questions - your personal manager is here. I have a blog with articles about software products, and another blog about gadgets, so I’m always hunting for the best offers in the Software and eCommerce niches. Indoleads has plenty of them, and they’re constantly adding something new. No need to search for brands and companies, contact them and then wait for a week or so for a manager to finally read my email. Just login, choose an offer and sign up in one click. And payouts are also completed in one click. Absolutely hassle-free!

Indoleads is a great company with adequate strategies and action plans. I can recommend Indoleads to anybody who is looking for a successful affiliate marketing solution. Thanks for your good performance!

We’ve been incredibly impressed with the results from Indoleads. They provide more than expected service and enthusiasm. Especially the girl named Durrah, she is so sweet and help me a lot. She patiently solved many problems. In short, look forward to the cooperation and I hope they can get better and better.

The best performance and service provided by Indoleads proved that we chose the right and professional business partner. Since cooperated with them, Fairyseason’s website has been promoted effectively, our traffic and sales have increased a lot and still keep increasing! We are extremely satisfied with the results and very pleasant to work with Indoleads!

I'm glad to work with Indolead, especially you - Durrah. Our sales increased day by day, month by month. We always had very frank discussions to achieve the final goal. We would not have achieved the success we did without your hard work and attentiveness. Thank you very much for your always support is pleased to work with Indoleads. As our business partner, they are communicative and responsive, two key qualities that has enabled them to support our operations significantly.

Indoleads has always been a great partner to us since the very beginning. Every AM I ever worked with is quick-responsive no matter on campaign pushing or problem solving. They are whom I would definitely love to work with at the moment or in the future.

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