Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Published : 31 Mar 2021   author : INDOLEADS BOT

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Affiliate marketing is a different method of generating income where an affiliate earns a commission for promoting another company’s products. Affiliate marketing for beginners maybe a challenge at first but gets easier with time. To become an affiliate, the marketer needs to choose a product and then promote it to their traffic through their affiliate links. With every sale of the product, the affiliate earns a commission. Though most companies give affiliate commission on sales, there are other types of affiliate marketing commission structures like CPI (Commission per Install), CPA (Commission per Action e.g. filling a form) and others based on the advertiser’s need. Affiliate Marketing Beginners in the USA usually start affiliate marketing with affiliate programs from AliExpress and other e-commerce affiliate programs


How does Affiliate Marketing work?

After searching for an affiliate and signing up for an affiliate program of your choice, you can generate an affiliate link (a unique URL to track traffic generated by you). You can choose to promote a specific TV model by Panasonic on AliExpress and generate a deep-link for the product page to promote. Whenever you promote the advertisers on your website, you can use your affiliate link in a hyperlinked text, image or banner. If a viewer uses your affiliate link, the advertiser adds a cookie to the viewer’s browser to track transactions. If the customer buys something from the website, the advertiser checks the customer’s browser for the cookie and allocates the commission according to your unique affiliate ID. A good thing about these cookies is that they stay in the visitor’s browser for “Cookie Lifetime” periods of up to 6 months (time period differs for every affiliate program) and you get commissions from all the sales from that user’s browser for the validity of your “Cookie Lifetime”. 

When searching for an affiliate program, you can either look for advertisers all by yourself – on the web, on social media channels – or you can join a CPA network, as for example Indoleads, and enjoy all its benefits. What are the benefits?

  • numerous different affiliate programs all in one place
  • your personal affiliate marketing manager who will consult an affiliate on all related issues or questions
  • you get paid regularly without any delay 
  • no hidden fees 
  • technical support 24/7

A CPA network is time and money wise. You can rely on your affiliate marketing manager who solves basically all the problems you as an affiliate might face, and can give you really valuable advices on how to promote your affiliate products more effectively.


How to promote affiliate links as an Affiliate Marketing Beginner?

Affiliate Marketers use a variety of ways to promote different categories of affiliate programs some of which include:

  • Fashion Blogs or Instagram Pages: to promote clothing, and other fashion products from Fashion Affiliate Programs like ZaloraShein and others. Beginners can delve deeper and promote an affiliate product related to fashionable interiors and unique footwear from Nike Affiliate Program
  • Tech Blogs, Podcasts and YouTube Channels: to give product demos and views for different types of gadgets. Beginners can promote gadgets and accessories from Gearbest Affiliate Program or Casetify Affiliate Program which is available worldwide. These days you can find reviews for all different models of TVs, mobile phones, robot vacuum cleaners from different brands on YouTube, all of which use affiliate links in their descriptions. The same medium can be used to promote digital and software affiliate programs from companies like Canva, Udemy, Norton, Kaspersky, and other tech brands.
  • Travel Blogs and Pinterest: for travel bloggers who can promote affiliate offers for hotels and travel websites like Affiliate Program, Affiliate Program, and others. 
  • Facebook Page: is another free medium where affiliates can create focused pages for products or services they are promoting and use guerilla marketing techniques to generate sales
  • Cashback and Coupon websites: is a good way for affiliate marketing beginners with some experience and budget for website development. You can use Coupon Feeds available at Affiliate Marketing Networks like Indoleads and earn a commission. It’s one of the easiest ways to earn affiliate commission as everyone likes a discount
  • Landing pages targeted through Google ads: for affiliate marketing beginners who have experience of Google Ads. Though the majority of affiliate programs don’t allow Google Ads targeting of specific keywords, affiliate marketers can use relevant keywords and simple landing page to earn commission

There is no limitation on what medium you can use to promote depending on your budget and experience but the main goal is to create an online presence regarding your affiliate product and a long-term relation with your audience for revenue sustainability. 


Why Affiliate Marketing for Beginners?

Affiliate marketing makes it easy and straightforward for you to earn money without hassle from anywhere in the world. You can be based anywhere in the world and can choose to do affiliate marketing in a different region. Global Internet users have already reached almost 4.66 billion, or about 53% of the global population. With the internet being very commonly used worldwide, it has become significantly easier for marketers and advertisers to promote and expand their businesses online and reach out more than they already could. Advertisers prefer affiliate marketing as, unlike most ad types which charge on clicks or views, affiliate marketing works mainly on CPS (commission per sale) or CPL (commission per lead) basis. The commission per click of CPC affiliate programs used to exist but got out of fashion due to bot and fake traffic scams. CPS affiliate programs and CPL affiliate programs give you commission/money when someone takes action (newsletter subscription or signing up for a free trial). Affiliate marketing is basically risk-free and easily accessible; that is why so many people are joining it. You can choose to start with a small advertising budget and use guerilla marketing on free channels likes Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You can grow into a big business if you continue with it and earn much more than you expect. It needs no customer support as visitors are referred to the affiliate program website and they manage all support issue; it is a passive income, you can work from home, it is cost-effective, convenient, and flexible, and all commissions are based on your performance (the better you perform, the more you will get paid).


How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing?

To start your affiliate marketing journey as a beginner to good commissions, you need to join an affiliate program that suits your audience or interest if you don’t have an audience as a beginner. You can choose whatever product you want to promote by finding that type of affiliate program for yourself. One way to is to review your own purchasing habits and hobbies to see if there is an online product or brand that you would like to promote. 

For example, if you are a gadget enthusiast and are passionate about researching and buying the best laptop, mobile, or other tech accessories, you can create a YouTube channel about reviewing different types of gadgets and include affiliate links to those gadgets in your description. is one of the best CPA networks where you can find great programs having all sorts of categories to choose from. They have something for everyone and aim to give you the best experience over at their marketplace. So, head over to their first of a kind Affiliate Marketing Programs Marketplace website and find yourself one of the best programs.

Once you are accepted to the network, you are assigned an affiliate marketing manager that keeps you updated on the latest offers and opportunities relevant to you. After joining an affiliate program based on your audience or preference, you can now switch to learning about the specific product you’re about to promote in front of your audience. To become a good affiliate marketer, you need to know about the products as everyone loves a person who knows about his profession. They might also ask about the product, so you will be well prepared for suggestions in case that happens. You can start by writing product reviews that will help your audience a lot, and you will save theirs and your own time. Based on the category, you can do specific styled interactive posts which can grab you more traffic on your referral links and get you that extra cash. Always know the best prices on the market and prefer the best ones to your audience. You can also search for some coupon codes for your affiliate websites that might help your audience out; these actions will lead to them trusting you more and coming back to use your service. If you do not have an audience yet, then go to Facebook and Instagram as they are entirely free to use. You can make yourself a public account and create an audience based on the category you are into. Now what most people forget is that you do not grow overnight; it takes time to grow as an individual, especially when you’re new to something, so be patient with what you are doing, and you will see an increase in your profits overall soon. 

Also, don’t forget about another option for your career development once you get profound inside experience with the affiliate marketing industry. You can even apply for affiliate marketing manager jobs, cause why not? It’s totally doable. Some website owners have gone through this transition and some successfully balance developing their online projects and an affiliate manager occupation at once.

With these tips and a clear picture of your goals, nothing can stop you from achieving them. So go ahead and start your journey as an affiliate marketer now!