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$127,000 per month was the highest payout for an affiliate.

Download PDF 'How to get started with Indoleads'

In-house tracking system provides accurate tracking and fraud protection.

Our tool solves

Coupon Feeds
DSP integration
API/Postback Integration
Income Report
Smart Banner Tools
Product Feeds
Deeplink Builder
Data Transparency

Coupon Feeds

Coupon Feeds help affiliates to focus on the content of their websites with easy and simple integration of affiliate links. With coupon feeds you can create entire showcases with discounts on goods and services on our advertisers' sites. Coupons will be automatically converted to affiliate tracking links containing your unique affiliate ID.

DSP integration

DSP integration enables affiliates to effectively use this automated digital ad inventory buying tool for promoting affiliate links. By using DSP affiliates can access multiple sources of inventory and comfortably manage ads on various platforms through a single interface. Moreover, DSP offers very detailed targeting criteria such as: IP, device, geo, social/demographic, connection type and provider, operating systems and many more.

API/Postback Integration

Automate your work with Indoleads through API integration: send leads into our system hassle-free without your involvement. Postback integration makes it possible for the affiliates with their own analytics system to send data from Indoleads reports to their server to further reformat and analyze it. The moment the data appears in reports, the postback feature becomes available.

Income Report

Get all the information on your earnings in your personal account: here you can find all the conversions, how much you’ve earned and the payment history for the chosen period of time. You can control dates, payouts, fees, and documents.

Smart Banner Tools

Smart banner tool selects and shows the most relevant banner for the particular user based on their On-Site behaviour. This tool loads banner ads while people are browsing a website and rotates them by showing an item or a service which can actually catch a user’s eye thanks to online behaviour analysis feature. So you can be sure: your users will see only the best suit for their goals and thus, most probably will click and buy

Product Feeds

A product feed is essential for most affiliates. It’s a file that contains a list of all advertiser’s products and their attributes. Using a product feed allows affiliates to easily and quickly have access to advertiser’s up to date product information and to focus on their content without manually adding and then updating this product information on their site. Product feeds can display all the products or a curated selection of products.

Deeplink Builder

Our Deeplink builder allows affiliates to create affiliate deep links directly from any page within an advertiser's website. Deep linking allows affiliates to take the user directly to any desired page, including product or category pages. This improves user experience and increases the chance of an action being completed and commission earned

Data Transparency

Our affiliates get full access to statistics and all relevant data, as we strongly believe in transparency being the foundation of our business. All the needed information is always at your fingertips - in your personal account. Our tracking system tracks all and every conversion made with your affiliate link, and you can check the accuracy of the payouts in the income reports section in your account.

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Start with exclusive offers

cardOvelayexclusive offers badge
Corsair - Exclusive
Commission 3% - 5% Payment term 40day(s)
Conversion rate 1.1% Confirmation rate 98%
cardOvelayexclusive offers badge
Walmart - Exclusive
Commission 1% - 4% Payment term 90day(s)
Conversion rate 0.5% Confirmation rate 89%
cardOvelayexclusive offers badge
Mercado Bitcoin - Exclusive
Commission BRL39.00 Payment term 30day(s)
Conversion rate 0.08% Confirmation rate 50%
cardOvelayexclusive offers badge
Jemlit - Exclusive
Commission USD3.5 - 5.25 Payment term 30day(s)
Conversion rate 0.73% Confirmation rate 68.16%
cardOvelayexclusive offers badge
National Express UK - Exclusive
Commission 4% Payment term 60day(s)
Conversion rate 2711.11% Confirmation rate 100%