How to register and earn a commission from the AliExpress Affiliate program in 2021?

Published : 12 May 2021   author : Indoleads

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What is the AliExpress Affiliate Program?

If you already know about how affiliate marketing works, then getting to know about the AliExpress affiliate program would be a walk in the park for you. But, even if you don’t know, we’ve got your back. AliExpress affiliate program, like all other affiliate programs, offers commissions based on the product being sold through the affiliate. So basically, you earn commissions by promoting and selling AliExpress products through your blogs or other social media.

This affiliate program awards huge commissions on CPS – Cost per Sale model, fast and reliable payouts, high approval percentage, high-conversion offers – these are only a few benefits you can get as an Indoleads Affiliate marketer participating in this offer.

Since 2010, has become the number one international retail service in the world! And though the Aliexpress Affiliate program is available worldwide, the top 5 countries that publishers or affiliate marketers target are Russia, the USA, Brazil, Ukraine, and Spain. It is rivaling the eBay Affiliate program and Amazon affiliate program in popularity for a few years as Aliexpress has become the most visited e-commerce website in the world which gives the affiliate link promoters more opportunity to earn high commission.

Statista shows a clear picture of revenue generated by the Alibaba Group in the year 2021 so far. They made around 72.3 billion USD through their online sales in China only. As AliExpress is a part of Alibaba, its revenue itself is pretty high. So, it is to no surprise that AliExpress is doing great as well as it is a part of an enormous group.

AliExpress Affiliate Program Details:

Let’s move into the details of the AliExpress affiliate program to understand it better. AliExpress affiliate program offers their affiliates a commission that ranges around 4%-10% depending on the product being sold. As AliExpress has 15 main categories and around 200 subcategories of products, it’s understandable that payouts vary as well.

Home Improvement Tools, Women and Men’s Fashion, Beauty, Health, and Hair are the best-selling categories of products in AliExpress. It’s recommended to choose from these products, especially if you are a lifestyle blogger. AliExpress offers a wide range of products to choose from, so no matter if you’re a lifestyle blogger or tech blogger, you can find products related to your niche and the demand of your audience. What’s impressive about the AliExpress affiliate program is that they provide you with deep linking through which you can connect to any specific product you’d like to review.

Their eCPA is 57.8982 USD, and they offer a 2 day cookie period, so if a buyer buys anything from AliExpress within 3 days of visiting through your affiliate link, you will get a commission for that product no matter what it is. Their 30 days hold period allows them to verify that your sales are legitimate and the buyer won’t get a refund.


How to become an AliExpress Affiliate?

Becoming a part of the AliExpress affiliate program is quite simple and easy. You simply register at and read through their guidelines to better understand what you are getting into. Remember to read their terms and conditions to better understand and avoid any kind of mistake in the future.

Now that you have registered, you just wait for the approval, and once you get it, you can start earning.


How to earn commission from AliExpress Affiliate Marketing:

Now that you have signed up and been approved for the program, you are officially an affiliate. As mentioned before, they will provide you with an affiliate link, and through this link, you will earn commissions. You can include these links in your blogs, social media posts, and even your videos to get the clicks.

If you are a blogger, you can simply review and recommend AliExpress products and put in affiliate links for your audience to follow if they want to buy these products. You can also avail of their deep linking feature to link specific products for your audience’s ease.

You can also promote these products through your social media like Facebook and Instagram. Just make sure to redirect your audience to your affiliate link to earn commissions through that. YouTube is also a great option to review and recommend products. You can simply put the link in the description box or add clickable links on your video for your audience to see.

About Aliexpress: is an e-commerce site founded by Alibaba group in 2010.  It comprises over 200,000 sellers, who sell over a million products worldwide. AliExpress allows small businesses to sell their products on an international level.  It’s an online shopping site trendy in Russia, Singapore, the USA, Brazil, Spain, and Ukraine.

AliExpress includes various categories and subcategories of products to buy from. The products range from technology, equipment to fashion and home accessories. The most popular products are fashion, jewelry, skincare, hair products, and home appliances. AliExpress contains quite affordable products of good quality, so it is famous around the globe.

It is possible to buy anything on AliExpress and to avoid the crazy prices from dealers, as the customers buy directly from a factory or a distribution center in China. Big and small businesses thrive on this platform where they offer affordable products for a global audience. Millions of users from over 200 countries are roaming every day, looking for the best offer. The supply for the demand is definitely there as there are millions of products featured on the website from over 130000 independent sellers (and growing).

AliExpress Affiliate Program Alternatives:

Although AliExpress is one of the best affiliate programs to join, it doesn’t hurt to join more programs like AliExpress to generate more commissions. Amazon, eBay, Shopee, Rakuten, etc, offer excellent affiliate programs to avail yourself along with AliExpress.

Keep in mind not to join more than 2 to 3 affiliate programs to avoid hoarding your audience and create confusion. At the end of the day, it is your audience you want to benefit, so no good will come from running after commissions.

Just know our audience and recommend the products respectively for their ease and benefits. Build trust among you, your audience, and the brands. The commissions will come passively and gradually, so no need to worry too much about that.

Why do AliExpress Affiliate Marketing?

Aliexpress is an ever-growing online retail service offering various products like fashion, jewelry, home décor and appliances, technology, and much more. By joining the Aliexpress Affiliate program, you can earn commissions by promoting and selling their products, and this offer is especially great for lifestyle bloggers. But no matter what your niche is, you can become a part of their program as they have various products to earn passive income from.

What’s better than recommending and reviewing good products for your audience while earning commissions on the way?

AliExpress affiliate program also offers excellent payouts, and deep linking is genuinely a great feature to get an advantage from. So what’s stopping you from joining this fantastic affiliate program?

Sign up at Indoleads Affiliates page to avail this opportunity. If you feel curious about more affiliate programs, our marketplace allows you to explore various similar and unique programs to choose from.

What commissions can I earn from the Aliexpress Affiliate Program?

AliExpress has over 15 main categories with over 400 subcategories where you can find a product and sell it through your social media profile, page, blog, or any online medium. The commissions for these products range from 3% to 9% based on different categories. Aliexpress allows deep linking to its website, which means that you can generate an affiliate link for a specific product you like and use the URL of that page to generate a tracking link. You can use that tracking link on your promotional sources and even send it to your contacts from WhatsApp or other chat tools. Bitly and Rebrandly are useful tools that you can use to shorten these tracking links.


Which products should I promote as an Aliexpress Affiliate?

tech products aliexpress

If you are a tech enthusiast or have technology-based websites or blog, can earn good commissions selling high priced items from categories like laptops, mobile phones, desktops, internal storage, external storage, home audio, and home video.
On the other hand, if you like fashion, or have a fashion blog or fashion-based profile on social media like Instagram, you can earn up to 9% commission from categories like men’s clothing, women’s clothing, and children’s clothing.

fashion product aliexpress

You can even earn online by promoting products related to your hobbies like gardening equipment and much. Some affiliate marketers even go for focusing on just one product and promote it through a landing page. The best part about the AliExpress affiliate program is that it has a hold period of only 30 days and cookie lifetime is 3 days which means if a visitor from your affiliate link goes to AliExpress and buys anything in the next 3 days, you get the commission!

Every year Aliexpress conducts major sales in Asian countries and appears to be a leader in that sale. “Singles Day” happens every year on November 11 and Aliexpress offers you discounts up to 90% and promotions store-wide. So if you hesitate to buy something that you can’t afford, during the 11.11 sale those items might have very attractive prices, and with the Aliexpress affiliate program in Indoleads, your users can enjoy all of the benefits during high sales season. We offer to pamper your users with different promo codes and “secret landing pages” to make your earnings even more successful.

It’s really easy to join our free affiliate platform and to start earning money by promoting the AliExpress affiliate program. The more sales will you attract them with your web traffic the more money will you make. It’s that simple!

eCPC – 2.0688 USD
CR – 3.6 %
Hold period – 30 days
Cookie lifetime – 3 days
Banners – Yes
Landing pages – No
Deeplinking – Yes
XML/CSV feed – No
Top Countries:
Ukraine, France, Spain, Poland, USA, Russia, Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom, Israel
Rating: 4.8
GEO: Worldwide
Pauout: 4%-10%
eCPA – 57.8982 USD