Top 10 Affiliate Programs in Vietnam

Published : 02 Dec 2020   author : newadmin3

Let’s dive into the world of Affiliate Marketing, what is it? And how to get better at it. In affiliate marketing, you can promote other companies’ products by signing up for affiliate programs, and if someone buys those products through your affiliate links, you get the commission. If you are a Vietnamese Affiliate Marketer, you can get access to the best affiliate programs in Vietnam at

Anyone can join an affiliate program which is offered by different companies (such as Amazon, AliExpress, Apple iTunes, Samsung) but to get better at it, is the main goal as an affiliate marketer. You need to start improving a few things which will be helping you grow and be successful. So, let’s start!


  • You need to start putting effort into your content and the way you present it.
  • Rather than just selling your product, your focus should be on helping your customers and to provide them with any kind of information that they might need. Customer satisfaction is key.
  • Choose the right products that fit in with the type of audience you have as it would be much more effective.
  • Know everything about the products you’re selling. Everyone is impressed by people who know their stuff.
  • Engage with your audience, take feedback, and most importantly dedicate time.

Affiliate Marketing in Vietnam

Vietnam is the 40th largest market economy in the world and has gained a lot of investment throughout the years. By 2020, the e-commerce market size in Vietnam has reached near 13 billion U.S. dollars which makes it a high potential market for Affiliate Marketing.

In addition, Vietnam has a population of almost 100 million people and with 70% internet penetration, there are over 65 million social media users which make this market just waiting to earn affiliate marketers millions of dollars. For affiliate marketers interested in Vietnam, social media and search engines are the best ways to reach such audiences.

Now in order to start earning and making your way up in this field, you should know the best places to invest your precious time in. Hence, we have created a Top 10 list for you, having all the best programs that will give you profit.

All links are given by Indoleads which is an international affiliate marketing network with the best results when it comes to different affiliate programs in different countries.


1- Shopee Vietnam Affiliate Program:

Shopee is a Singaporean web-based business which first started in 2015, it furnishes both buyers and dealers with a simple, secure, and quick web-based shopping experience through solid installment and strategic help. It has about 320 employees in Vietnam and is still expanding.

Shopee has recently dominated online shopping in Vietnam by reporting a new web traffic record of 52.5 million customers in the second quarter of 2020 beating Lazada’s record set in 2017. Shopee Vietnam’s numbers exceeded those of the next two put together, Vietnamese companies Mobile World (25.1 million) and Tiki (21.1 million), according to data collated by Malaysian online shopping aggregator iPrice Group. Additionally, Shopee observed gross requests hopping 92.7% to 246.3 million out of 2019, contrasted with 127.8 million every year prior. (this includes Vietnam as well). The online market has a lot of products to offer for its dealers which they can promote. Currently, home appliances and baby products have seen a rise in demand followed by electronics.

The Shopee Vietnam’s affiliate program commission rates are about 2.1% to 7%.

2- Lazada Vietnam Affiliate Program:

Lazada is one of the largest online retailers in the South East Asia region and it offers you to find and get commissions from all sorts of best quality products from their website which range from home appliances, consumer electronics to fashionable time wear pieces.

The demand for online shopping in the northern area and Hanoi had been increasing so Lazada Vietnam developed its logistics department in Hanoi, including warehouses, shippers, and other departments. Along with that, Alibaba spent $2 million acquiring Lazada and doubled its investment in Southeast Asia.

You’ll always have something to promote in your audience. All these products are guaranteed, secure, and fast for your audience, giving up to 14% commission from Lazada Vietnam’s Affiliate Program through every product.

3- Sendo Vietnam Affiliate Program:

Launched in March 2012 and settled in Ho Chi Minh City, Sendo is Vietnam’s second-largest e-commerce site. It gives banks to provide customers with a full package of guaranteed transactions. Sendo has had almost 67% of its orders from outside of its biggest cities showing its demand in the market.

Sendo will be driving the path in satisfying the nation’s aspiration of creating a few local tech unicorns continuously in 2025.

Sendo has offered online shoppers with categories of women’s fashion, men’s fashion, mother and baby, homeware, food, cosmetics, tech accessories, and sports and entertainment.

Commission rate being $1 for every product.

4- Innogialuron Affiliate Program for Vietnam:

Innogialuron is a beauty product that was made to help keep your skin moisturized for a long period of time. It nourishes skins and is one of the best anti-aging products in the world currently. It has its benefits for skins. Considering it’s a beauty product, we can easily promote and sell the product. The company seems to target an audience of women of all age groups.

Commissions can vary depending on the promotion of the product in different places such as Amazon.

5- Tiki Vietnam Affiliate Program:

Tiki is a business to consumer ecommerce platform in Vietnam which was founded in 2010 and is one of the fastest-growing retail company. offers more than 300,000 products in 12 categories of electronics, lifestyle, and books, etc. Being the only online service that provides books can be taken as a big advantage and give one much demand. Statics show that out of 15,000 orders almost 60% of them were from books sold on the website.

So, if you are someone who has an audience that loves reading. Tiki Vietnam is the place for you to share with your audience. The commission rate for Tiki Affiliate Program is about 7.92%.

6- AdayRoi Affiliate Program for Vietnam:

Another e-commerce platform operated in Vietnam. AdayRoi launched in 2015 is famous for being reliable, safe, and having high quality. The company has assisted more than 20,000 local and international sellers to reach its target customer and make successful sales.

Adayroi also offers a variety of product categories, from standard household goods to electronics devices, and is also one of the few e-commerce sites that sell cars and motorbikes. Adayroi has earned its place on the list due to its performance on the platform.

The commission rates are from 1.4%-7%.

7- Shop VN Express Affiliate Program:

Shop VN Express which is a relative of VN Express (online newspaper company). Shop VN Express is an online store that has electronic merchandise, family products, furniture, and a wide range of different items that one can consider. The costs are extremely alluring, and the items are of high caliber.

The commission rate is 2-10% which is impressive. But that’s not all the website has more to offer as it has different promotions and sales for all age groups.

8- Regeneration Vietnam Affiliate Program:

Another beauty product affiliate program being Regeneration. It is a skin cream product that can help your skin glow as it contains Vitamins A, C, and E which also helps reduce irritation has an anti-inflammatory effect. Beauty products are widely used across Vietnam hence selling is relatively easy compared to other products. The cream seems to offer high quality and no side effects whatsoever. It is quite a solid foundational product for one to get.

Their target audience is only adult women. The Regeneration commission rate depends on sales.

9- Money Cat Affiliate Program in Vietnam:

Moneycat which is a multinational finance company has now opened its branch in Vietnam. Moneycat is one of the best places to bring financial solutions easily and quickly, all you need to do is complete an online registration application which the company will review and transfer money to the given account within 24/7.

Moneycat Vietnam Affiliate Program’s Commission rate is 5.26% which is pretty good.

Moneycat is known for its fast assistance all through its dispatch. Clients will generally pick this service as it just takes 5 mins max. The help group online is inconceivably useful and completes your employment instantly. That is a major addition to the point in my view as it prompts consumer loyalty.

Moneycat is a recommended deal for affiliates that tend to have an audience of people in Vietnam that require financial assistance.

10- Shadmart Affiliate Program:

Shadmart features about 80+ millions products with amazing prices on clothes, electronics and much more. Shadmart keeps it simple for its customers by creating a hassle-free environment from buying to delivery. Has many attractive product prices.

The commission rate is 10% for any category. Great for beginner affiliate marketers as the website has a lot of things to promote from.

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