Emirates Affiliate Program with an Attractive Payout (Up to 2.5%)!

Published : 03 May 2018   author : Indoleads

How can you benefit from our Emirates affiliate program?

Emirates Airways is a rapidly growing international airline that is based at Dubai International Airport. Emirates is proud to be providing an extensive network of services to 153 points on six continents.

Known for its exquisite in-flight experience, you will find one of the world’s finest in-flight entertainment like private suites, shower spas, on-board lounges available to you while up in the air. What is more, selected flights also comes with state-of-art facilities providing you services like being able to call from your mobile phone, Wi-Fi facilities, in-seat satellite telephone and on screen SMS/e-mail services. Rest assured that you will also be dining with a wide range of dishes ready to satiate your taste buds throughout the flight duration.

Emirates is the preferred airline for elite travellers across the world. Enchant your audience now with this luxurious program to help them realize their dreams of traveling with the utmost level of comfort and convenience!




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