Boost Your Business With Facebook Messenger. Part 1

Published : 14 Sep 2019   author : Irina

Facebook Messenger is a huge trend, and if you haven’t heard about it yet, you definitely should read this post.

In this first post about Facebook Messenger we will take a look at what

First of all, according to Business Insider, messaging platforms are getting more and more relevant year after year. In fact, currently, people exchange 1 billion messages with businesses on Facebook every month.

Secondly, messaging apps are becoming much more popular than social media.

This means that, while all the other marketers are busy using Social Media, you can surpass them by surfing the growing trend of Messaging apps.

According to Nielsen’s Facebook Messaging Survey, messaging ranked second out of nine possible modes of communication with business and that 53 percent of people are more likely to shop with a company they can message directly. This means that they are not merely using it for personal communication as many people think.

Why Are Chatbots Gaining Popularity?

Let’s take a look.

  • They help you provide support. Chatbots can present support and information in a way that feels both organic and personal, without the cost and manpower required to maintain a customer service representative.
  • Most of people would rather message than call customer service. More than 1 in 2 people say they’re more likely to shop with a business they can message.
  • You can improve lead generation. Chatbots can be used to gather user information, in order to generate more leads.
  • Present affiliate links. Since you can customize the responses your chatbot provides, you can even have them offer affiliate links in response to relevant queries.
  • Open rates are higher than of emails. Not everybody replies to email or click on it. However, the open-rates for emails are about 31%, while for Messenger are about 80% at the moment.

In the era of authenticity in Marketing, Messenger and Chatbots help you to build a relationship and engage with customers, on a mass scale. All of these benefits can be a huge boon to your affiliate program. Of course, it should be noted that a chatbot is not a replacement for actual human support, as there will still be queries that are best dealt with by professionals. However, using a chatbot can help you clear up valuable time that would otherwise be spent answering the simplest questions over and over again.

How To Get More Subscribers To Your FB Messenger Chatbot

If you’re not getting inquiries organically from your Facebook Page, there are different tactics that you use to get more subscribers.

1. Add from Comments

You can add a rule to your Facebook Page, that when people comment a specific word or phrase, they’ll be contacted in automatic on Messenger.

2. Implement “Send Button” to your landing pages

Simple as that. Instead of asking for an email, you implement instead a “Send to Messenger” button on your landing page to deliver your lead-magnet, promotion, or similar. It’s not uncommon to see higher conversion rates in your landing pages by adding this button, just because in some industries, in particular, people have been asked to leave their emails too often, and that’s something different.

3. Create a viral loop by asking your subscribers to share

You can easily invite your subscribers to share by implementing a button like in the picture.

4. Use Messenger Ads

Over the past year, I’ve been running more and more Messenger Ads. This kind of Facebook Advertisement brings the user who clicked on the ad, straight to a Messenger chat inside the platform instead of getting him to an external page. They work fantastically, and are a great way to get both a Messenger subscriber, and why not, an email subscriber too if you ask them for it.

5. Add a Customer Chat Plugin for your site

Adding a live chat to your website is not only useful for customer service. You can use it as a tool to grow your Messenger subscribers.

7. Submit your bot to BotList, Chatbottle, and the Messenger Discovery section

There are different chatbots directories online where you can add your chatbot, such as BotList, Chatbottle, and the official Messenger Discovery section.

They basically work as an App Store for chatbots.

8. Showcase your bot on your Facebook Page or Facebook Group

Add a Send Message button on your Facebook page. This will enable your page visitors to connect with your chatbot in one click.

Final thoughts

As you see the benefits of using FB Messenger are obvious. Are you intrigued? Stay tuned for our next post!

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