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Published : 24 Jun 2019   author : Indoleads Bot

At Indoleads we want to thank you for working with us. Because we are confident in the ability of our staff to treat every client with the respect they deserve, and also to provide the greatest affiliate service possible, we know that you won’t have a problem sending your colleagues, friends, family or your precious Website users to us.

Join our affiliate referral program today and make a commission on every referral sale you bring us.

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How does it work?

When you join our affiliate program you are supplied with a unique tracking link. Simply copy your unique affiliate referral link from your account menu “Account” –> “Referral Program” and start sharing it with your fellow affiliates, colleagues and friends. Every time someone clicks on your tracking link and registers on our website you will be rewarded with a commission. Earn up to 3% from any affiliate you refer (for as long as they are getting paid)!

For how long and how frequent?

Once anyone registers via your unique link – they will become your referral for life and their affiliate earnings will become your extra income. Each time a referral gets paid by Indoleads, you will receive a percentage of their earnings into your account! There is no limit on how many affiliates you can refer as well as no limit on your referral earnings.

Where I can see how much I earned?

You can see your balance at the top navigation bar (ready for withdrawal, on hold, etc.) in “Referral Commission”. This will reflect your confirmed referral commission and will automatically be added to your Balance.

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What to keep in mind?

  • Your referral link has unlimited cookie lifetime to maximize your referral potential.
  • Your referral link is only valid for new affiliate registrations. That means you are not allowed to refer yourself or existing affiliates via your link.
  • You will only receive commissions for paid conversions coming from your referrals. Referral commission will not be paid for declined/rejected conversions or discontinued accounts due to fraudulent activity.

Why should I?

Oh, well…why would you want to earn extra income? Just because it is free to join and requires no technical knowledge! Earning money with Indoleads Referral Program is easy: we do the work, you earn the cash.

Already have a Youtube channel and know affiliate marketing inside and out – start earning commissions from referring other affiliates to Indoleads!

Check out these awesome examples of Indoleads referral program in action on Youtube: