Top Airline Affiliate Programs Worldwide

Published : 11 May 2021   author : INDOLEADS BOT

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What are Airline affiliate programs?

Before diving into exploring the best Airline affiliate programs, it is essential to know what Airline affiliate programs are. Just like any other affiliate program, Airline affiliate programs are a way to earn by selling flight tickets online from companies and websites like British Airways, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, ParknFly, CheapOAir, and many others.

How do Airline affiliate programs work?

What actually happens is that you write for the Airline affiliate programs on your blog/website and provide affiliate links for your audience to click. When a viewer buys a ticket through the link you provide, it adds to your affiliate commissions and can get paid through payouts. These programs are also referred to as Flight Booking Affiliate Programs and Airline Booking Affiliate Programs

Obviously, it works differently from company to company. Every commission rate depends on the company paying you, and it usually ranges roughly around 1% -10% of what is being sold.

Why choose Airline affiliate programs?

Like all other affiliate programs, Airline affiliate programs are a great way to earn money through commissions. Top airlines like Etihad Airways, CheapOAir, KLM Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Malaysia Airlines generate millions of dollars through affiliate programs, and becoming an affiliate for such programs will ultimately help you earn your keep. 

Air Travel before, during, and after Covid-19:

It is important to note the situation of air travel while talking about airline affiliate programs. Just like the effect of Corona in other industries, airlines have also faced a great backslash during these times due to the lack of travel. So, it is vital to understand the value of airline affiliate marketing during and after the corona outbreak.

Statistics clearly show that from the year 2009-2019, air passenger traffic gradually grew from 1994 million to 4723 million globally. The global revenue grew from 274 billion USD to 612 billion USD. But as soon as Covid took over the world and an international emergency arrived, the traffic dropped to 1763 million in the year 2020. And with that, the revenue of 370 billion dollars was lost. This is a huge difference as compared to 2020, which had the most traffic recorded. 

But as the pandemic situation started getting under control, the statistics gradually started growing again in 2021. So far, 2383 million traffic has been recorded in this year. And it is estimated that it will gradually grow along with the revenue. 

The increase in revenue will make these programs lucrative to make up for all the losses due to Corona. So now is the best time to apply for these programs as high prices of tickets due to Corona will provide more commissions to the affiliates.


Airline Affiliate Marketing



Now the question is which Airline affiliate marketing programs the best to choose from?

Top 11 Airline Affiliate Programs 2021

1- Etihad Airways Affiliate Program:

Etihad Airways is the second-largest airway in the UAE, with 40 destinations in the Middle East, Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, North and South America. They have business class ranging around $2000 and above while their first-class ranges from $32,000 and above.

Etihad Airways have launched an affiliate program with a payout of up to 8.3%. Yep, you read that right! 

Etihad Airways affiliate program pays up to 8.3% commissions on a single purchase. Not to mention, as one of the leading airlines, their revenue generation is top-notch with elite customer service. Their affiliates are kept up to date with their offers, and you get access to sizeable creative inventory.


2- CheapOAir:

CheapOAir is an American travel agency founded in the year 1989. They help the travelers’ save money through their packages that not only include the air travel fare but hotels and car rental services are also provided. 

Become a part of the CheapOAir affiliate program and earn a commission of USD 8 to 35 on a single click of confirmation of order through your link. CheapOAir is a good and profitable affiliate program for you to earn money through.


3- KLM Airlines:

KLM Royal Dutch is a worldwide airline operating since 1919 in the Netherlands. They provide high-quality service and have more than 500 destinations worldwide, including America, Asia, and Europe. KLM airlines’ business class costs roughly around 2000 USD.

By partnering up with KLM as an affiliate, you get to earn commissions of 1% to 1.5% payout for all bookings on regardless of the carrier.


4- Qatar Airways:

Qatar Airways is a world-known airline with destinations at more than 150 places around the globe. It has achieved the rank of a 5-star airline due to excellent customer service through outstanding in-flight service and operational excellence. Qatar Airways business class is about $3000 with the finest services.

Qatar Airways affiliate program offers you a payout of 1.7%, so visit the Qatar Airways affiliate marketing page to avail yourself the opportunity of becoming an affiliate with the world’s top-class airline.


5- Malaysia Airlines:

Malaysia Airlines is one of Asia’s leading airlines that offer world-class services to its customers. It opens up to various locations in Malaysia unlike any other airline and provides a great way to experience the traditions and cuisine. Their business class fare is around 3000 USD which provides a cozy and homey environment to passengers.

As an affiliate for Malaysia Airlines, you can avail of various benefits, including no conversation capping, word-wide traffic, and desktop and mobile traffic. So, sign up for the Malaysia Airlines affiliate program and earn up to a 2% payout along with the fantastic package mentioned above.


6- Thai Airways:

Thai Airways is the world-renowned airways that serve up to 37 countries with popular destinations such as Europe, East Asia, and South/Southwest Asia. It flies over to 101 destinations providing the premier services on board to the customers. The first-class costs up to $1,500 while the business class is around $1000.

Thai Airways affiliate program pays up to 1% payout as soon as the affiliate link is used for booking purposes. So why not collaborate with one of the best airlines and avail the best offers by becoming a Thai Airways affiliate and joining their mission of “The First Choice Carrier with Touches of THAI.”


7- Singapore Airline:

Singapore Airlines was founded in 1947, and since then, it has worked its way to the leading airlines of the world. With 130 destinations, some of those in India, America, and Australia, Singapore Airlines brings you top-tier service and comfort. The business class ranges around 1000 USD, and the first class is up to 18,400 USD along with double bed service.

As a part of their Singapore Airlines affiliate program, affiliates promote their tickets through a given link. As soon as a customer buys the ticket, the affiliate is given up to 1% commission. Singapore Airlines is one of the best ways to earn hefty commissions, so it’s your time to sign up and make money.

8- Virgin Airlines:

Virgin is a British airline established in 1984 with destinations in North America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. It flies over more than 35 destinations worldwide while providing premium quality services on air.

Individuals who are interested in travel can join Virgin Airlines affiliate programs and earn from 1% to 1.5% when an individual confirms a booking and then gets on board. You will get the commission after the travel date has passed.


 9- Jazeera Airways:

Jazeera Airways is a Kuwaiti airline founded in 2004 and currently flies over 34 destinations worldwide, including the Middle East, India, Sri Lanka, and Europe. Their business class and first class are known for providing the finest of services.

By joining Jazeera Airways affiliate program, you can get a commission ranging up to 2.5% when a person buys a ticket through your link. It is an efficient way to earn good commissions, so sign up and get on board.


10 – Emirates Airline:

Emirates Airline is a world-renowned airline of UAE with destinations up to 157 in over 83 countries across the 6 continents. The business of Emirates costs about $4535 and goes up to $14,705 in first class.

Joining the Emirates Airline affiliate program will allow the affiliate to put up links in their blogs, websites, and pages, which will, in return, provide you with commissions ranging from 1.25 to 2.50% payout.


11- Airpaz:

Airpaz was established in the year 2011 and has been a partner of Air Asia, Malaysia Airlines, Firefly, Malindo, Nok Air, TigerAir, Jetstar, etc., to provide the best services to customers seamlessly. It gives access to flights all over the Asia region with in-demand destinations like Bangkok, Bali, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, etc


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