Top 20+ High-Paying Affiliate Programs for 8 Popular GEOs

Published : 09 Jun 2022   author : Irina

All geos have their trends in affiliate marketing which reflect the customer habits and behaviors in particular countries as well as the situation on local markets. We have used our data and insights to compile the newest digest of the most high-paying affiliate programs. These offers are rock-stars among our affiliate programs for different geos, and you should definitely give it a go. 

Grab a cup of coffee and let’s go through them together one by one.  


1. Movavi Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 11 18 at 13.30.25

Movavi Video Editor is an innovative video editing tool which makes it possible to create amazing videos of the most memorable occasions, fun adventures, and travel sprees that can be shared with family and friends within minutes. The video editor includes a wide range of state-of-the-art features enabling users to add awesome effects, transitions and titles to their creations for a more stunning impact.

It’s a great software for creating personalized travel videos and sharing them on YouTube for everyone to see. The application includes a library of built-in media consisting of video clips, backgrounds, music and sound effects that add a touch of ingenuity and splendor to the movies.

Movavi is available for Windows and Mac users. There are more than 3 million users of this amazing software in more than 200 countries. 

Sign up here and start promoting Movavi!

Payout: 39%

2. Macpaw Software Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 11 18 at 16.42.56

MacPaw is a software company that develops popular software for macOS and iOS. Macpaw is based in Ukraine, Kyiv, and has two offices in San Francisco, USA, and Cork, Ireland. Among its products are top-ranked apps like Setapp, CleanMyMac and Gemini Photos.

Founded in 2008, the products of Macpaw have won the hearts of more than 30 million users worldwide. Today every fifth Mac on Earth has at least one app by MacPaw. MacPaw makes useful and innovative software which are appreciated for its value, experience, and stunning design. The company develops apps with a strong focus on design and functionality to ensure that every user has an amazing experience.

If there are macOS and iOS users among your audience, they will love this offer. Join Indoleads and start promoting Macpaw!

Payout: $15.4

3. Visme Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 11 18 at 14.02.00

Visme is a web-based data visualization tool that helps individuals and teams to translate data into engaging content in the form of presentations and infographics. The service is used worldwide by various professionals including marketers, educators, executives, and communicators. Visme can be accessed using any device and enables organizations to design and present content related to projects, initiatives, and programs in both online and offline modes.

Visme can be used by teams to create and manage new projects. Here one can create presentations, documents, infographics, mockups, videos, charts and graphs, printables and much more. The service offers customizable presentation and infographic templates that can be edited by marketers to add video, audio, or record voice inside the editor itself. 

This is a must-have for both individuals who work with creative content and businesses. Sign up here for Visme and let’s start the ball rolling!

Payout: 30%


1. FutureLearn Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 11 17 at 15.40.52

FutureLearn is a digital education platform founded in December 2012. It is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) learning platform, and as of June 2020 included 175 UK and international partners, including non-university partners.

The platform was launched with 12 university partners: The Open University, University of Birmingham, University of Bristol, Cardiff University, University of East Anglia, University of Exeter, and others. FutureLearn was the first platform to enable students to earn credits towards a degree from a top UK university from their tablets and smartphones. FutureLearn’s courses span a broad range of topics, such as: business and management, creative arts and media, healthcare and medicine, history, IT and computer science, languages, law, literature, psychology and mental health and much more.  

Courses on the platform are from 2 to 10 weeks in duration, and the programs are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Online education is a huge trend which will only strengthen in the future. Start promoting FutureLearn here!

Payout: 17%

2. Eduonix Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 05 31 at 18.08.59 1

Eduonix learning Solutions is the premier training and skill development organization which was started with a vision to bring world class training content, pedagogy and best learning practices to everyone’s doorsteps. Eduonix offers easy to understand online courses and workshops for everyday people.

The platform offers training and skill building courses across Technology, Design, Management, Science and Humanities. They have taught over 120000 students globally, and they aim to touch millions of lives and bring them the joy of knowledge.

Eduonix wants to bring quality skill building content and world class learning experience to everyone using both online and offline mediums. All their study programs are flexible and available for students with different backgrounds. 

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Payout: 50%

3. GetSmarter Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 05 31 at 18.16.16 1

GetSmarter is an online short course provider with courses from many of the world’s top-ranking universities such as Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, and Yale. This is significant enough on its own, but consider also that many of these universities are exclusive to GetSmarter. For instance, no other online short course provider besides GetSmarter offers online courses from MIT, Harvard, Oxford, or Cambridge. None of the competing online course platforms have managed to get their hands on these partnerships, and that gives GetSmarter a very unique value proposition in the online education market.

That is why if anyone is seeking to get educated by the world’s best educational institutions without breaking a bank, GetSmarter appears a rather appealing platform.

Join GetSmarter Affiliate Program right now!

Payout: $4.9


1. Allegro Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 06 07 at 12.33.57

Allegro is the most popular shopping platform in Poland and one of the largest eCommerce websites in Europe. Allegro operates as a marketplace, which means that customers can buy whatever they need from over 125,000 merchants, who can list an unlimited number of offers on the platform.

Some of their key categories include: Automotive, Fashion, Home & Garden, Electronics, Books and Collectibles, Kids or Health and Beauty. Each month, 20 million customers visit Allegro platform, which is approximately 80% of all Internet users in Poland. They can choose among over 200m offers at the most attractive prices with maximum convenience including fast and free Allegro Smart! deliveries and full security. 

Allegro is the 10th most visited eCommerce site worldwide. Want to promote it? Start here!

Payout: 0.29% – 2.9%

2. Carinii PL

Screenshot 2022 06 07 at 12.35.17

Carinii is a Polish women’s shoe brand and an online store. Carinii is recognized not only in Poland but also in other countries as well. Here one can find thousands of stylish, trendy and convenient shoes for all occasions: boots, sandals, stilettos, sneakers, flip-flops and many more.   It is a laureate of many prestigious awards. New collections here are all about fashion and world-class trends. The Carinii shoes exude femininity and modern design. 

All collections were created in accordance with the current canons of fashion, in cooperation with Italian stylists. A lot of shoe models are made of natural leather of different colors. When producing shoes, Carinii team takes care of every detail, quality of the materials used, precision and comfort for all customers. The brand stands out from other footwear brands with interesting colors of products, original design and the highest quality workmanship.

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Payout: 7%

3. Reporter Young Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 06 06 at 11.21.21


Reporter Young is a prominent Polish clothing brand for children and teenagers. It was founded more than 16 years ago, and gained popularity in all Europe thanks to its unique designs and high-quality. The team behind Reporter Young believes that children should have their own style that emphasizes their uniqueness. Parents love this brand too, because they know that apart from design, Reporter Young is all about comfort and high quality. Here parents can find all types of clothing for their little ones: from sportswear to casual style outfits, shoes and accessories.

The store regularly launches sales and reduces prices for some parts of its wide assortment. The delivery is quick, and the customer service will always answer all questions regarding products and shipping status.

Sign up for Reporter Young and let’s start the ball rolling!

Payout: 3.85%


1. Arata India Affiliate Program 

Screenshot 2021 10 14 at 11.29.14

Arata is India’s 100% nature-derived wellness brand, which creates plant-based, vegan products with soothing, toxin-free ingredients. Their products are thoughtfully created using only all-natural ingredients with no chemical additives, emulsifiers, dyes or preservatives. They are not tested on animals. They are stored in 100% post-consumer recycled packaging that is reusable.

Here one can shop for hair, body, skincare and dental products, all absolutely natural, all fit for both adults and kids. Their famous hair gels are something incredible! Thousands of men in India already use it on a daily basis and are happy with the results: these amazing gels are effective and contain no chemicals. As the founders put it: “Our products don’t discriminate. All ages. All genders. All humans. Skin is skin. Hair is hair”. And this is Arata’s primary philosophy. 

Sign up for Arata India Affiliate Program and start monetizing your online projects!

Payout: 35%

2. Myntra Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 06 08 at 18.41.34

Myntra is a leading Indian fashion eCommerce company headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. The company was founded in 2007 to sell personalized gift items, but then expanded its assortment to thousands of goods from different categories.

In the beginning of its journey Myntra sold on-demand personalized gift items, but a few years later the store began selling fashion and lifestyle products and moved away from personalisation. Today here one can purchase everything from clothes and shoes for a whole family, to jewelry, wellness products and electronics. Myntra is a one stop shopping destination for all fashion and lifestyle needs. Being India’s number one eCommerce store for fashion and lifestyle products, Myntra aims at providing a hassle free and enjoyable shopping experience to shoppers across the country with the widest range of brands and products on its portal.

If you want to get your share from Myntra’s huge sales, sign up here and start earning!

Payout: 3% – 5.9%

3. Belora Cosmetics Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 10 14 at 15.17.24

Belora Cosmetics is a certified cosmetics brand famous for its clean and natural makeup collections. All its products are certified by Made Safe, an Australian authority. This means all Belora’s products are made with safe ingredients only. 

Belora is the first makeup brand to be certified by Made Safe across Europe and Asia. Its product range covers everything from makeup to skincare and accessories.There are so many famous products at Belora Cosmetics. Highlights include deeply pigmented ultra-long stay liquid lipsticks that do not cause drying of lips, natural primer with deep moisturization and natural BB Cream with SPF 30, infused with nourishing oils. 

All the formulations are not just safe and good for skin but also have intense colors, are long lasting, transfer proof, smudge proof etc. Belora Cosmetics team believes that a woman should not have to choose between glamor and healthy make-up, that’s why their makeup products are both glamorous and absolutely safe.

Sign up for Belora Cosmetics and get your share of its sales!

Payout: 10% per sale


1. Farfetch Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 06 06 at 11.58.23

Farfetch is a world-famous online luxury fashion retail platform. It was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in London with main branches in Porto, Guimarães, Braga, Lisbon, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, São Paulo and Dubai.

The platform sells products from over 700 boutiques and brands from around the world: Balenciaga, Balmain, Prada, Valentino, Versace, Michael Kors, Saint Laurent and many more. The eCommerce company operates local-language websites and mobile apps for international markets in English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, German, Portuguese, Korean, Italian and Russian.

Farfetch is an ultimate destination for hundreds of brands and thousands of their products: clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry for women and men. New trends and deals for old collections – here anyone can find the perfect high fashion outfit. 

Sign up here and start earning with Farfetch!

Payout: 1% – 13%

2. LookFantastic Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 06 06 at 12.24.44

LookFantastic was founded in 1996 as one of the first online beauty stores in the U.K. The company specializes in bringing skin-care trends to the masses, and even its name is a nod to the idea that beauty can enable people to feel and look fantastic. Their top brands include among others Elemis, Christophe Robin, NUXE, Embryolisse, Bioderma. 

LookFantastic offers 12,000 products from more than 450 brands across skincare, haircare products as well as makeup and beauty accessories. With their website attracting over a million unique visitors a month globally, lookfantastic has grown into one of the leaders of the online beauty market. With a highly dedicated and motivated team of beauty experts, who receive regular training directly from brands, LookFantastic provides accurate and intelligent information on each product. The company supplies some of the leading luxury beauty brands such as FOREO, Dermalogica, Redken, Chantecaille, Jurlique, Matrix, REN, EX1 Cosmetics, Elemis and their very own lookfantastic Beauty Box.

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Payout: up to 12%

3. EdrawSoft Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 06 06 at 12.46.14

EdrawSoft is a leading provider of drawing-based applications.The company’s vision is to focus on providing drawing solutions that enable their customers to do their jobs with maximized productivity, little effort, minimal time and at affordable costs. 

Edraw Product Lines include a series of diagramming programs that can help anyone create business and technical diagrams that document and organize complex ideas, processes and systems. EdrawSoft apps include a legendary EdrawMax, Edraw Mind Master, Flowchart Maker, UML Diagram Maker, Floor Plan Maker, Edraw Infographic, OrgCharting.

EdrawSoft is a trusted service provider of graphic diagramming software and office component solutions for some of the world’s most recognizable brands: IBM, Samsung, Dell, Siemens, Intel, NASA and many others. 

Sign up for EdrawSoft and start earning right now!

Payout: 36%


1. Shopee Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 06 07 at 11.28.29

Shopee is a Singaporean multinational eCommerce company headquartered in Singapore. Shopee was founded in 2015, and quickly expanded its reach to Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Colombia. It is also available in mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea as seller centers.

Here one can shop for a whole family with products ranging from clothing, health and beauty products to home appliances, computers and electronic gadgets. November 11th is a time for massive savings at Shopee. The store promotes daily free shipping vouchers, daily 50% off vouchers for brands and many more. The deals feature deals from brands like Nestle, Enfagrow, Philips, and more.

Join Shopee and start earning real money!

Payout: 0.5% – 10.0%

2. Zalora Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 06 07 at 11.51.29

Zalora is Asia’s leading online fashion destination. They are one of the largest and fastest growing fashion focused eCommerce sites in Southeast Asia. Their collections are for every woman and for every occasion possible. Need a casual outfit? No problem! Thousands of tops and bottoms for a casual stroll or just a fun meeting with friends. Need an evening garment? You’re in the right place! One of the best selections of outfits for the most special moments in life. And who said it’s just for women? No! They have amazing men’s and kids’ outfits too.

The store offers an extensive collection of over 500 top international and local brands and designers. If your audience is into fashion, just start promoting Zalora right now, because here customers can shop from thousands of products across men’s and women’s fashion apparel, shoes, accessories, and beauty categories online. 

Still in doubt? Don’t be! Join Zalora affiliate offer and start making money!

Payout: 2% – 8%

3. Lazada Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 06 07 at 11.52.51

Lazada is a leading eCommerce platform in Southeast Asia, basically the Amazon of South-East Asia. This platform is open to international sellers who want to tap into the markets of Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia. 

Here is a great range of products: from clothing and accessories to home appliances and even car spare parts. Every year Lazada launches numerous events on the eve of Singles’ Day and Black Friday: promocodes, coupons, vouchers and lots of special deals!

Want to get your part of Lazada’s sales? It’s easy! Join here and start earning now!

Payout: up to 7%


1. Netshoes Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 06 06 at 11.36.43

Netshoes is a Brazilian online store of sporting goods. The company was established in 2000 as a sports shoes store, but quickly turned into a sporting goods chain store across the country. 

Nowadays Netshoes sells a wide range of sports clothing, shoes, accessories and equipment. Here one can find all top brands: Nike, Puma, Adidas, New Balance, Columbia, Calvin Klein and many more. Also the store features accessories for gadgets and sports food supplements. Netshoes is the official representative of the National Basketball Association (NBA) in Latin America and is responsible for the administration of online shops for the Puma, Havaianas, Globo Esporte, Oakley, Timberland, Topper, Mizuno and UFC trademarks.

This store is already one of the most popular in Brazil when it comes to shopping for sporting goods. Sign up here!

Payout: 7%

2. Submarino Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 06 06 at 11.43.53

Submarino is one of the biggest players in the Brazilian eCommerce market. The online store was launched in 1999 and these days has turned into one of the giants of online shopping. Its eCommerce net sales are generated almost entirely in Brazil. With regards to the product range, Submarino covers different categories, such as electronics & media, furniture & appliances, toys, hobby & DIY, beauty & wellness, clothing, shoes & accessories, hotels & car rental services.  

Submarino is famous for its wide range of products and top-notch customer service. Millions of Brazilians already shop here and love its amazing deals and sales. Start earning here!

Payout: 2.34% – 3.89%

3. Shoptime Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 06 06 at 11.48.37

Shoptime is a Brazilian online giant founded upon a home shopping channel, TV Shoptime, one of the most watched shopping channels in Brazil. The channel’s catalog of direct sales transformed into a huge eCommerce website. Established in 1995, Shoptime has been acquired by the group B2W Digital, which also owns such big players in Brazil as a retail chain Lojas Americanas, and online stores Americanas and Submarino.

The store covers a variety of product categories: electronics & media, furniture & appliances, toys, hobby & DIY, clothing & shoes, beauty products, small and large home appliances, accessories for gadgets and many more. Shoptime’s estimated monthly traffic is 16.4m visits.

People buy everything here for home and office. Customer service is always helpful and delivery is on time. Sign up here and start earning with Shoptime!

Payout: up to 8%


1. Aliexpress Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 06 07 at 12.25.30

Aliexpress is the child of Chinese eCommerce giant Alibaba. The platform specializes in selling everything from clothes and accessories to gadgets, home appliances, car spare parts and tools. This store has already won hearts of millions of people around the world for the widest selection of goods of hundreds of categories, everyday deals and offers and of course fast delivery.

Nowadays there is hardly anyone who at least hasn’t heard of Aliexpress. It delivers all over the world, making it possible for people in almost all countries to enjoy the most trendy and high-quality products.

Sign up for Aliexpress here and start earning!  

Payout: 3% -9%

2. LovelyWholesale Affiliate Program

High-Paying Affiliate Programs

LovelyWholesale is an ultra-affordable online fashion shopping platform. The store offers the newest trends and the most unique style for both women and men. Hundreds of new styles are added on a daily basis, and extra sales as well as special deals are launched each week, because the team behind LovelyWholesale believes that everyone should enjoy fashionable outfits at super affordable prices. 

This store focuses on women fashion trends, enabling every woman to feel confident and comfortable in their stylish outfits. The curve and plus size category is one of the most sought after at LovelyWholesale. The store also has a very wide collection of apparel for men and kids.

Sign up for LovelySholesale and let’s start the ball rolling!

Payout: 12%

3. DHGate Affiliate Program

High Paying Affiliate Programs

DHGate is another eCommerce giant marketplace from China that offers manufactured products from suppliers to customers all over the world. It is a highly popular AliExpress alternative and used by many dropshippers. Both DHGate and AliExpress offer the same products, so customers often compare prices to get the most profit.

DHGate offers over 10 million products from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other Central Asian countries. It lists products from all categories including: Electronics, Smartphones and Computers, Mens and Womens Clothes, Watches & Jewelry, Toys & Hobbies, Home & Beauty, Outdoor & Sports and many more. Usually delivery time of DHGate is quite the same with Aliexpress.

Some customers like DHGate for its payment options. Here one can use PayPal – the most preferred payment option for the most shoppers.

Sign up at Indoleads and earn a commission with every sale from DHGate! 

Payout: 3% – 15%

Wrapping It Up

Now that you know these 20+ highest-paying affiliate programs in top GEOs, it’s time that you leverage your content to earn more.

These top paying affiliate programs can help you to become one of the top affiliate marketers if you pick these high ticket affiliate programs and start promoting them with your marketing skills.

Join Indoleads and earn that extra income you’ve always wanted.

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