Top 10 Affiliate Programs and Commissions in Malaysia for Affiliate Marketers

Published : 19 Nov 2020   author : INDOLEADS BOT

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Refer anyone to an online product or a service, and get commission on your recommendation-based purchase. Welcome to the world of affiliate marketing, the internet’s original form of digital marketing. Affiliate Marketing has recently gotten recognition in Malaysia with big ecommerce brands like Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, Youbeli launching their affiliate programs in Malaysia

Companies prefer affiliate marketing because it cuts down on unnecessary spending on advertisements. And for companies that are new in the game, it helps utilize resources elsewhere, instead of investing thousands for a handful of customers.

Those that prefer affiliate marketing over conventional mediums like Print, Television, or Radio, have seen a remarkable growth in earnings. An excellent example is America’s largest affiliate marketing program, Amazon. 

Affiliate Marketing in Malaysia

All you need, to become an affiliate, is an internet connection. Help brands sell and expand online and earn money. And for that you need to join an affiliate network. This is where Indoleads comes in.

With more than 5000 affiliate programs in over 180 countries, and a network of 30,000 affiliates (and counting), Indoleads is a fast growing, premium affiliate network with its head office in Malaysia, and local offices in Brazil, Latvia, Vietnam, Russia, and Hong Kong. The network has paid up to $127,000 in monthly payout to its top-performing affiliate.

The complete list can be found for Malaysia Affiliate Programs can be searched at our marketplace. Here are some of the best affiliate programs in Malaysia. 


Top 10 Affiliate Programs in Malaysia


Lazada Affiliate Program Malaysia

Lazada ranks number one on our list of affiliate marketing programs in Malaysia, providing users with the county’s largest online marketplace. It allows you to find and make commissions from different kinds of products, guaranteeing a secure and speedy online shopping experience.

They offer everything from electronics to home appliances, baby food to health and beauty, they cover it all. Allowing for a commission of up to 7% on every sale.

But Why Lazada Affiliate Program? They are at the very top of the game due to how huge its online marketplace is, regionally. Renowned beyond Malaysia as well because of its variety and sizable commission opportunities. 


Shopee Affiliate Program Malaysia

Shopee is an affiliate marketing program that rivals Lazada, competitively matching the same services promised by Lazada for both buyers and sellers invested in the online shopping business. Although Lazada has taken the title of the biggest online marketplace, Shopee is still climbing the ranks and is showing significant growth over the past few years. If Lazada is at the top, Shopee is not far behind.

The Shopee affiliate program commission rate ranges from 0.5% to 10% for every sale, varying from product to product. The products include a similar variety as before, spanning from electronics, baby, health and beauty to household appliances to animal food and vouchers and more.

Shopee is well known in the online marketplace, offering a variety of products and following up with a ton of promotions and vouchers to ensure customer interest. Check out the Shopee Malaysia affiliate program 


Zalora Affiliate Program

Zalora follows closely behind but limited only to fashion. It is the largest fashion retailer in Malaysia, expanding even now to local and international brands, they offer almost 50,000 products ranging from shoes to bags, dresses and clothing as well as watches. 

As the platform focuses only on fashion, its audience is somewhat limited, but Zalora is still the biggest fashion marketplace in the country, offering a wide selection at an affordable price range. Zalora has a campaign calendar as well, providing users with regular promotion updates. The platform offers a 6% commission for new customers and a 4% one for returning customers. 

Due to its popularity and variety when it comes to fashion brands, customers have a tendency to make orders directly from Zalora. See more info related to the Zalora Malaysia affiliate program


Alibaba Affiliate Program

Next up, we have Alibaba. Their affiliate program was launched in 1999, quickly becoming the world’s biggest global trade marketplace. Alibaba was an online marketing service provider for both importers and exporters. They have over 360 million products on their platform.

Alibaba is also known for their insane variety of products, offering items that range from machinery and apparel, health and beauty products but also covering the buying and selling of automobiles and motorcycles as well as medical equipment and real estate as well.

The commission is a standard 6% for new customers and 4% for returning customers. This marketing affiliate program is attractive because the items offered are relatively cheaper and can be bought or sold in bulk, it is known as the World’s largest global trade marketplace with millions of products to offer from. 


AliExpress Affiliate Program

The AliExpress affiliate program works similar to other affiliate programs. They provide users with a special link to their products and promotion of their links can help you earn a commission on every product that is sold through that link. Their rates tend to vary, depending on the product that is sold. Which is why, when it comes to commissions, it is possible to earn up to 9% commission on each sale, depending on the value of the product. The minimum commission is 3%. This is an excellent affiliate program because they ship worldwide as well. 


Nike Affiliate Program

Nike is a globally recognized sports brand and is the leading company when it comes to athletic wear and sports goods. Their global reach and popularity make their affiliate program very selective and competitive but once you’re in, commission rates tend to be as high as 10% on valid sales. 

Through Nike Affiliate Program in Malaysia, websites can earn through the promotion of Nike products and banners. selected websites can earn commission by promoting Nike products. Upon acceptance of application, you are given a list of links and banners from Nike that you can choose from in order to promote. 


PGMall Affiliate Program

PGMall is an online shopping platform that was established in 2017 with the aim to provide local, Malaysian brands the platform to grow their businesses and even expand to regional markets and global ventures. Their products cover every possible category when it comes to online shopping, even providing promotions and vouchers every single day. Items range from electronics and fashion to home & living, food & beverages and sports

PGMall is expanding every single day, their platform is booming in Malaysia, providing affordable products to the general public. The PGMall affiliate program in Malaysia has a commission of 2.5%.


Youbeli Affiliate Program is also an online platform in the same vein. Youbeli focuses on their Malaysian market, providing everything customers need at their fingertips. They have continued to grow since their establishment in 2009. Youbeli’s Affiliate Program in Malaysia offers a steady 3.6% commission rate. They offer products from over 2500 stores from a diverse range of categories.

One of the benefits to Youbeli is that they support 3 main languages on their website as well i.e.  English, Bahasa Melayu and Chinese, making them and their program more accessible and reachable. 


Wonderklean Affiliate Program

Wonderklean is a recently established online platform that started business to help combat the They provide professional indoor disinfection services, eliminating viruses and bacteria from contaminated spaces. Their Wonderklean affiliate program in Malaysia offers a 10% commission rate. Affiliates have to advertise their disinfection programs. The company offers a total of 8 such programs, half of which are superior and more heavy duty in comparison to their 4 standard packages. 


Favful Affiliate Program

Favful is a unique platform as they are one of Asia’s very first and very successful beauty advisory platforms. Their target audience is a very specific, feminine demographic. Favful can not only help customers make informed beauty decisions as well as have access to unbiased reviews and tutorials as well.

Favful’s current affiliate program offers an impressive 7% commission rate, making it quite impressive. Their unique platform allows users to compare prices from different websites and also has readily available reviews and ratings for customers based on skin type and age group as well. They also have a unique barcode reading feature where users can scan any skincare product’s barcode and can immediately access details and reviews of the product in question. 

More Affiliate Programs in Malaysia

These are some of the selected affiliate programs that you can sign up for at Indoleads to earn commission. You can manage multiple affiliate programs from your portal and also check out more programs across south east asia and other regions at Indoleads Marketplace