The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Guide for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023

Published : 15 Nov 2023   author : Irina

As the days grow shorter and the air turns crisper, there’s a palpable sense of excitement in the retail world. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching, that hallowed day when shoppers descend upon stores and websites in search of the year’s most incredible deals. It’s a time of frenzy and euphoria, a shopping extravaganza that has become a global phenomenon.

But for savvy digital marketers, Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t just a day to snag bargains – it’s an opportunity to turn this shopping spree into a lucrative venture.

In the world of affiliate marketing, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a veritable goldmine, offering the chance to capitalize on the spending frenzy that grips consumers worldwide.

In this article, we’ll delve into unveiling useful insights and strategies that can transform your affiliate marketing game and turn this year’s BFCM into a season of prosperity. So, prepare to unlock the secrets of affiliate marketing success and embark on a journey that promises not just deals, but profits galore.

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Are you still hesitating?

Just take a look at some insights from last year!

Key Takeaways From BFCM 2022


  • A record of $9.12 billion was spent online in the US on Black Friday in 2022. (Adobe Analytics)
  • Cyber Monday remains the biggest shopping day for eСommerce with $11.3 billion spent in the US in 2022. In 2021 this number was $10.7 billion. In contrast, a regular day in the US sees about $2 to $3 billion in online sales. (Adobe Analytics, CNBC)
  • The BFCM shopping event in 2022 peaked on Black Friday at 12:01 p.m. EST, with sales of more than $3.5 million per minute. Also, even the week before BFCM saw a lift, and then there was an uptick in shopping on the Black Friday weekend, including Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving Day itself, the Saturday and Sunday between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. (Shopify, Adobe Analytics) 
  • The average order total for BFCM in 2022 was $102.10 – up slightly from $100.70 in 2021. (Shopify)
  • 196.7 million Americans bought something during the sales in 2022. (NRF)
  • Discounts hit record highs in 2022, peaking at an average of 25% off the listed price on Cyber Monday. Some categories saw deeper discounts than others, such as 34% off toys, 20% off computers, and 18% off apparel. (Adobe Analytics) 
  • More BFCM purchases happen on a mobile device than ever before. 73% of sales for advertisers on the platform during BFCM were made by mobile in 2022, compared to 71% in 2021. (Shopify)
  • Sales have spread across borders: behind the US, Canada and the UK have the highest sales for BFCM. London, UK is one of the top cities for BFCM shoppers worldwide, alongside LA and New York City. (Shopify)


In 2022, shoppers were expected to spend more than 8.7 billion British pounds during BFCM sales. 

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Nearly 13% of the global searches related to BFCM in 2022 came from Germany. 


In 2022, online retail sales during BFCM amounted to 2 billion euros in Italy, up from the previous years. 

What did people buy?

Top selling products on BFCM in the US

  • Apparel & accessories, followed by health & beauty, and home & garden.
  • Сategories that drove online retail sales growth on Black Friday in 2022 compared to an average day in October included: electronics online sales (increased 221%), smart home items (increased 271%), audio equipment (increased 230%), exercise equipment (increased 218%), toys (increased 285%). 
  • Toys (Legos, squishmallows, Hot Wheels among others), electronics, drones, computers, smart watches, sporting goods, appliances, books, jewelry. 
  • Hot sellers among toys included Fortnite, Roblox, Bluey, Funko Pop!, and Disney’s  Encanto toys. 
  • The gaming category stood out as online shoppers purchased Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 gaming systems, along with games FIFA 23, NBA 2k23, Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Madden NFL 23.
  • Other top sellers included Apple MacBooks, and Dyson airwrap and vacuum products. 

Sources: Adobe Analytics, Shopify, Gorgias.

BFCM 2023: What to expect?

1. Biggest Black Friday Cyber Monday yet

BFCM 2023 is predicted to be a record-setting year. Ecommerce sales bounced back in 2022 compared to 2021, that’s why it’s highly anticipated that not only this year will be encouraging for sellers, but it will be the biggest BFCM ever.

What this means for you: don’t miss out on this opportunity.

2. A high demand for toys and electronics is going to stay

Last year toys were one of the most popular items, and given the fact that people use BFCM for holiday shopping, especially for kids, this trend is likely to stay. 

Electronics is popular as usual: smartphones, laptops, headphones. These things are eagerly bought by people at promotional prices.

What this means for you: you can’t go wrong with electronics and toys in your campaigns.

3. Average order totals are rising

Last year, inflation was one of the biggest factors that made shoppers be more budget-conscious, but inflation is more on the wane in the latter half of 2023. That’s why, we can expect the average order total will rise this year from $102.10, which it was in 2022.   

What this means for you: recommend to your audience some bundle deals with the sweetest discounts.

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4. Crossborder sales are very much a thing

15% of BFCM sales in 2022 were cross-border (bought from one country and shipped to another), the same as in 2021. Most of this activity was orders going from the US to Canada, Canada to the US, and the UK to the US. (Shopify)

What this means for you: it can be a good strategy to promote some available UK stores for your US audience or for instance, US stores for your Canadian users.

5. Discounts matter

Black Friday shoppers wait for BFCM to make purchases and expect big discounts, so a simple 5% or 10% off may not be attractive enough.

Inflation played it hard, so many shoppers are still reeling from its effects compared to pre-pandemic times and, therefore, continue to shop more thoughtfully. A lot of consumers wait for BFCM discounts to buy gifts for the festive season and other stuff at maximum discounted prices which translates to higher expectations for big discounts this year.  

Considering the fact that last year discounts peaked at an average of 25% off the listed price on Cyber Monday,  a less discount on products this year may not be attractive enough to convert. As traditionally Cyber Monday offers the best discounts, we can expect that a lot of people will be waiting for CM to hit the “Buy” button.

What this means for you: choosing the offers with some lucrative discounts can be beneficial.

6. People are starting shopping at least a week before BFCM

The best deals are mostly expected for Cyber Monday, however people actively hit the “buy now” button through the entirety of Cyber Week and earlier.

What this means for you: get everything prepared for Thanksgiving turned BF weekend, so you won’t miss on a good portion of users who are ready to shop.

7. Brands and companies to start marketing earlier than ever

With previous being said about early shopping and conscious-budget customers, there is more competition for shoppers, especially as people are more likely to start comparing prices to ensure they secure the best deals. That’s shy a lot of companies will be preparing and launching their BFCM marketing campaigns earlier this year. 

As an affiliate marketer, you don’t want to get lost in all these promotions in late October, so start planning your campaigns now if you haven’t already.  

What this means for you: it’s better to start preparing your campaign well ahead, this isn’t news of course, but this year everything is expected to be just earlier.

8. Adaptation for mobile devices is a key

Most online shopping is done on mobile these days. Shopify stated that there was an increase in sales made by mobile in 2022 compared to 2021. Also, according to Adobe Analytics, mobile usage on Thanksgiving constituted 55% of all sales, while this number plummeted to 43% on Cyber Monday, when a lot of people were shopping on a desktop.

What this means for you: think about marketing campaigns that are compatible with mobile devices, e.g. push notifications with some incredible deals.

Before actual BFCM hits…

How to navigate the upcoming shopping season 

  1. Plan your content calendar well in advance, aligning it with key shopping events like Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  2. Optimize your ad campaigns for mobile devices since many shoppers now make purchases through smartphones and tablets.
  3. Focus on creating high-quality, informative, and engaging content that provides value to your audience. Don’t underestimate the power of AI tools! They can be highly effective and save your precious time during this super busy season. Check out our guide on ChatGPT to get the most out of this tool.
  4. Leverage social media platforms and email marketing to reach a wider audience and promote your affiliate links effectively. 

Happy BFCM earnings!

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