New offer Launched: Creditas Home Affiliate Program

Published : 09 Dec 2020   author : Indoleads Bot

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Creditas Home Trust

Our operations are regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil, and we are the country’s largest online guaranteed loan platform. People can be trusted.

Interest rate policy

In Creditas, the rule is: the interest is always less than possible.

Maturity dates

In a loan with a car guarantee, the repayment period is from 18 to 60 months, acceptable values are from$ 5 thousand to$ 150 thousand, interest from 0.99% per month.

Best customer service

Creditas Home has financial advisors who work every day to understand our clients ‘ needs and deliver the best solution.

How does a loan from a property in a guarantee work?

In this mode, exclusively for an individual, the use of the property as a guarantee of the loan payment, which allows interest rates to be much lower than in other types of loans.

This property can be a house, apartment, or plot in a residential condominium, worth at least$150 thousand and cannot be replaced by a loan, since the terms of the contract are made on its basis.

The property is alienated on Creditas, that is, still on behalf of the person in possession, which can be used well normally, but in its enrollment in the registry, which is a guarantee of the loan repayment.

You can order up to 60% of the value of the property, which is put as a guarantee, which can range from$ 30 thousand to and$ 3 million.

Depending on the analysis, these values may differ depending on your creditworthiness and the city in which the property is located.

Payment of benefits is made from the monthly billet that you create in the Creditas app.


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