New offer Launched: Numan Affiliate Program

Published : 26 Jul 2021   author : Indoleads Bot
What is Numan Affiliate Program
Numan Affiliate Program is a popular Ecommerce Affiliate Program. This online platform aims to promote accessible medical remedies for a lot of men’s health issues as well as issues affecting men’s self-esteem and the lifestyle choices they make that might affect their condition. If you have male audience, Numan Offer is exactly what you need. Joining Numan Affiliate Program, lets your visitors access one of the most unique platforms for men’s health. Earn Numan Affiliate Commission and start monetizing your website.
About Numan
The idea of founding Numan was inspired by men themselves: there are hardly any specialized healthcare companies for men. Their mission is to encourage and empower men to do something about their health – by equipping them with the knowledge and the tools they need to do so.
The founders know that men don’t go to the doctor when something’s wrong. Barriers to men’s health-seeking behaviours are complex, but common reasons for men avoiding seeing a doctor include the need to “be strong and self-reliant”, fear of diagnosis, lack of spare time, and discomfort with intimate exams. But not all health issues require an in-person physical exam to be diagnosed, and can be efficiently treated and diagnosed by a health professional through a short online consultation. 
Following an online consultation review by one of their clinicians, Numan members are provided with a repeat prescription as part of their treatment plan. While their members are sent refills of their medication for some conditions, they are in complete control of their subscription, with the ability to pause or cancel their orders at any time. When it comes to healthcare, most people are used to picking up a repeat prescription from their GP if they need ongoing treatment. Numan’s service is no different. 
Many of the conditions that Numan treats require ongoing treatment, commitment, and professional support. Erectile dysfunction treatment is not “one size fits all”: often, men need to try different doses of various medications until they find something that works for them. Hair loss treatment requires consistency in order to yield results. Quitting smoking doesn’t happen overnight.
Numan operates a customer-first model, and their team is dedicated to making sure that every Numan member feels supported, with ongoing advice from healthcare professionals who ensure that all treatment plans are safe and suitable for our patients to take. Their team provides this support for free, over email, or on the phone.
Numan also prides itself on offering affordable solutions: by creating longer-term healthcare plans with repeat prescriptions dispensed when appropriate, they are able to discount the medication they offer across all subscriptions, putting us at a competitive price point with the added advantage of access to professional medical advice, as and when it is needed.
Numan aims to remove the pain points in accessing healthcare, making it as simple as possible for men to look after themselves. A big part of this includes providing ongoing support for free, as well as reducing the cost of prescription treatment where they can, and putting their members in the driving seat when it comes to controlling their subscription.
Numan uses subscription form of business. When a patient signs up with Numan, they’ll be automatically registered with a repeat prescription to save them the hassle of remembering to place a new order each month. Their repeat prescription is personally approved by one of Numan’s clinical experts – just like one they’d pick up from a doctor. All of their subscriptions renew in monthly or bi-monthly intervals (depending on a prescription) to make it as simple as possible for a patient to get the treatment one needs when they need it. Patients are in complete control of their subscription – while they’re automatically sent refills of their prescription for ease and convenience, they can pause or cancel them at any time.
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