New offer Launched: FWD Thailand Affiliate Program

Published : 17 Mar 2023   author : Indoleads Bot

What is The FWD Affiliate Program

FWD Affiliate Program is a popular Financial Affiliate Program (Payment Model: CPS). This offer is for Thailand GEO. FWD is a pan-Asian insurance and financial services company that operates in several countries throughout Asia, including Thailand. FWD offers a range of insurance and investment products to both individuals and businesses, including life insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, savings plans, and investment-linked policies. If your audience is in Thailand and is interested in insurance or investment services, FWD Affiliate Offer is the must-have offer. Joining the FWD Affiliate Marketing Campaign lets your visitors access one of the most reliable insurance companies in Thailand. Earn FWD Commissions and get the most out of affiliate marketing

About FWD

FWD Group is a leading insurance provider that operates in Asia, including Thailand. Established in 2013, the company has quickly gained a reputation for providing innovative insurance products and services to customers. FWD Thailand is one of the fastest-growing insurance companies in the country, offering a range of products that cater to the diverse needs of the Thai people.

FWD Thailand operates through various channels, including bancassurance, direct sales, and digital platforms. The company’s bancassurance partners include some of the largest banks in Thailand, such as TMB Bank, Kiatnakin Bank, and CIMB Thai Bank. Through these partnerships, FWD Thailand offers a range of insurance products, including life insurance, health insurance, and accident insurance.

In addition to bancassurance, FWD Thailand also offers insurance products through direct sales. The company has a team of sales representatives who are trained to provide customers with customized insurance solutions. FWD Thailand’s direct sales channel focuses on providing customers with a hassle-free and convenient experience. Customers can purchase insurance products directly from FWD Thailand’s website or through the company’s mobile app.

FWD’s digital platforms have been a significant contributor to the company’s success in the country. The company’s mobile app, FWD MAX, allows customers to purchase insurance products, make claims, and manage their policies from their smartphones. The app also offers various features, such as a health and wellness tracker, that help customers maintain a healthy lifestyle.

FWD has received several awards for its innovative insurance products and services. In 2019, the company won the Best Digital Insurance Initiative Award at the Asia Insurance Industry Awards. FWD Thailand was recognized for its FWD Flyer insurance product, which uses a digital underwriting process to provide customers with an instant quote and policy issuance.

The company’s commitment to innovation is evident in its efforts to leverage technology to enhance customer experience. The company’s use of digital platforms has enabled it to reach a wider audience and offer insurance products that are tailored to the needs of the Thai people. FWD Thailand’s success in the country is a testament to the company’s customer-centric approach and its ability to provide innovative insurance solutions.

Why do thousands of people choose FWD?

  • Innovative Insurance Products

FWD offers innovative insurance products that are designed to meet the diverse needs of the Thai people. The company’s products, such as health insurance, life insurance, and accident insurance, provide comprehensive coverage that can be customized to suit each customer’s unique needs.

  • Hassle-Free Experience

FWD’s digital platforms, such as its mobile app, FWD MAX, provide customers with a hassle-free experience. Customers can purchase insurance products, make claims, and manage their policies from their smartphones, making the entire process quick and convenient.

  • Competitive Premiums

The company’s insurance premiums are competitive, providing customers with value for their money. The company’s use of technology allows it to reduce administrative costs, which are then passed on to customers in the form of lower premiums.

  • Customer-Centric Approach

The customer-centric approach is evident in the company’s efforts to provide customized insurance solutions to each customer. The company’s sales representatives are trained to understand each customer’s needs and provide them with the best possible insurance coverage.

  • Strong Partnerships

FWD has strong partnerships with some of the largest banks in Thailand, providing customers with access to insurance products through various channels, including bancassurance. These partnerships help FWD Thailand reach a wider audience and provide customers with greater convenience.

  • Award-Winning Services

FWD’s commitment to innovation and customer service has been recognized with various awards. The company has won awards for its digital insurance initiatives and its efforts to provide innovative insurance products and services to customers.

Why you should sign up for the FWD Affiliate Program 

FWD‘s innovative insurance products, hassle-free experience, competitive premiums, customer-centric approach, strong partnerships, and award-winning services provide many benefits to its customers. Thousands of people are already loyal customers here, that’s why the FWD Affiliate Program will be a perfect offer for you as a publisher. The FWD Affiliate Offer can be truly profitable. Just sign up at Indoleads and experience all the benefits of affiliate marketing! For more affiliate programs like FWD, please visit Indoleads Catalog.

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