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Published : 10 Jun 2020   author : Indoleads Bot
Dermolios is a multifunctional solution for various skin problems, such as:impetigo, eczema, allergies and skin problems, acne, atopic dermatitis, breaks and skin lesions, dry and rough skin, spots, psoriasis, scars.
This product is a special treatment because it contains a mixture of many oils, carefully extracted from rare but extremely valuable ingredients. They have been selected to create a product with a multifaceted and exceptional action. When applied to the skin, it removes all bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, and strengthens the skin’s resistance to attack. Participates in tissue regeneration and ensures adequate levels of skin hydration. Plus, it eliminates unnecessary dead cells and persistent itching.
What’s the secret here? No secrets! Only natural safe ingredients. Dermolios contains squalane, cannabis sativa oil, wormwood oil, coconut oil and even more other herbal extracts. The extrusion of oils for producing Dermolios product is an extremely slow process. It is important to extract all its valuable properties and not waste any of the rare and beneficial ingredients. In Dermolios you will find the highest possible concentration of beneficial oils, which will allow you to obtain maximum results in the fight against skin problems.
The unique mixture of oils in the Dermolios product accelerates the healing of psoriatic and fungal wounds, fights eczema and atopic dermatitis, relieves acne, effectively reduces acne scars and other keloids. In addition, it fights discoloration, nourishes and smoothes the skin.
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