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Published : 09 Jun 2021   author : Indoleads Bot
What is Because Market Affiliate Program
Because Market Affiliate Program is a popular Ecommerce Affiliate Program. The Because Market is a wellness brand and e-commerce company specifically for older adults. It specializes in selling bladder protection products, CBD (Cannabidiol) products, skincare products, vitamins, and supplements. The store is for those who care about their parents, grandparents or other elder relatives, that’s why your audience will definitely love Because Market Affiliate Offer. Joining Because Market Affiliate Marketing Campaign, lets your visitors access to one of the biggest online stores of high-quality products for seniors. Earn Because Market Affiliate Commission and start monetizing your website. 
About Because Market
Despite the fact that the baby boomer generation is increasing the senior population each day, not many companies focus on older adults as a target market segmentation. Thankfully, Because Market has been quite innovative in offering services for them since its launch in 2017. The aim of Because Market is to keep seniors active and live their best life while staying at their respective homes.
The founders themselves have struggled to find the supplies for their parents and grandparents and were shocked to realise that despite a great variety of different stores there were hardly any for seniors. From hand creams to protective underwear, from Ibuprofen to Omega 3 they would canvass supermarkets and pharmacies. 
It all started with finding a better way to shop for Bladder Protection – underwear, pads, guards and more – to help the estimated 1 in 3 older adults who suffer from incontinence. One of the founders, Luca shared “When you need it, better protective underwear can be life-changing. So we started Because to create a better way to help you and people you love live full lives.”
Both founders’ backgrounds are rooted in technology, previously leading growth at WeWork, Uber, Ferrari and eBay. They united to change the way older adults shop for the products they need everyday as well as inject innovation into a category that has long been forgotten and underserved. Now Because Market has over 100,000 happy customers and 80 million products shipped, and it’s expanding very quickly.
Incontinence affects 25 million people in the US, and half of women over 50. You know someone who deals with it- someone who can’t always make it to the bathroom in time or get through the day without a leak. But chances are they’ve never talked about it with you or anyone, which usually means nobody is helping. That needs to change.
Buying bladder protection in stores was never a great experience: just a few choices and often sold out sizes or absorbencies, no one to help and no discretion. Now more than ever heading to the store carries its own risks. Amazon is always there, but it’s overwhelming and there is no phone number to call for a recommendation. Because Market fills that gap – a helpful resource every step of the way – for advice, product support and an ever expanding assortment of products to enhance the lives of their older adults.
Now they have expanded to Skincare line. In short, today, many direct-to-consumer brands cater to millennials. But Because Market is committed to delivering a curated assortment of high-performance personal care products via a convenient, monthly subscription directly to older adults at home.
Because Market is one of the most unique and at the same time one of the most needed services nowadays. All those who tried Because Market wouldn’t get back to all other stores, as only here they can shop everything at once and also get valuable recommendations in terms of which products to choose. No more exhausting searchings for bladder protection products or related stuff – everything is in one place. Ready to promote Because Market? Just join Indoleads and start earning like a pro! For more affiliate programs like Because Market, visit Indoleads Affiliate Program Marketplace.
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CR – 10%
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Landing pages – Yes
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