Instagram For Affiliate Marketers

Published : 08 Apr 2019   author : Indoleads Bot

For many people Instagram is just another social media platform that enables them to interact with friends and share pictures. However, Instagram can be one of the most useful tools in your affiliate business. Let’s check how it works!

1.     Choose the correct niche

There are dozens of affiliate marketing programs available which you can sign up with. Therefore, you need to choose the correct niche for you. If your main feature on Instagram is fashion, then you should choose a fashion affiliate program. However, if your Instagram followers follow you because of fitness, then you should to go for the fitness affiliate program. In a nutshell, always choose a program which your audience will relate well with.

2.      Use affiliate links

One of the huge obstacles you will face when promoting and advertising affiliate products on Instagram is missing of link opportunities. With Instagram, you are only allowed one organic link to your account, which is displayed through your Instagram Bio. Fortunately, there are several ways around this including:

–       Coupons – There are some affiliate programs that offer you coupons instead of affiliate links. You can display these coupons as text overlays on your images.

–       Text Overlay – You can copy the affiliate links on the images, telling your followers where they can purchase the products.

–       Image descriptions – For every image you display, ensure that you make proper use of the image description. You can do this by adding your affiliate and call to action link.

3.     Use Instagram Shout-outs

Instagram shout-outs are paid promotions on popular Instagram influencers’ page. This can be a screenshot of one’s Instagram page, or a caption of his or her choice. As an affiliate marketer, you may create an image post and incorporate the product you are marketing with its affiliate

link added on the description. You can then share this post on an influencer’s Instagram account, showcasing your affiliate link to more audience and potential customers.

4.     Use tags/hashtags

When posting photos of affiliate products, it is important to make sure you use the relevant tags. With these tags, you are guaranteed more engagement and likes. In addition, tagging helps you follow up on products to find out how your audiences are responding to it.

Final Thoughts

As you have clearly seen, Instagram offers genuine opportunities for making money online through affiliate marketing. Whatever method you opt for, there are opportunities for everyone. Just don’t give up as the financial rewards are worth it.