How do referral links work?

Published : 03 Feb 2021   author : newadmin3

Many companies, in order to save money on expensive online advertising, attract new customers with the help of existing users. The latter receive remuneration from the company. Such a program is called an affiliate program. Both parties benefit: the company gets a new client, and the user gets a reward. The main element of any affiliate system is a referral link. Here you can find Yandex affiliate program and become a member of it.

Features of the referral link

The affiliate program has 3 members:

  • User 1.
  • User 2.
  • A company interested in attracting new customers.

So, if User 1 invited User 2 by a link to the company, then User 1 will be a referrer, and User 2 will be a referral. The link on which the transition was made is called the referral link. It contains the unique identifier of User 1, thanks to which the company learns that the client went to the site exactly by the link of User 1 and gives him a reward.

The referral link differs from the usual one by the presence of certain letters or numbers after the question mark. This combination is the referrer identifier.

The user attracts new customers to the company by distributing a referral link on the Internet. It can be placed on the following sites:

  • On the pages of the personal site. This method is great for bloggers and online resource owners. They can simply place a link on their website and attract customers to the company many times.
  • On social networks. The link can be placed not only on your wall, but also in groups and communities, as well as in comments to other people’s posts.
  • In posts on thematic forums and websites.
  • On specialized services for finding referrals (for example, buks, etc.).

Before placing a link on the indicated sites, it is recommended to shorten it using special services.

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