How to register and make money with Indoleads?

Published : 04 Jan 2019   author : Indoleads Bot

Affiliate programs are programs that will pay you if the product you are promoting online is bought by someone else. The size of the commission that will be obtained through the affiliate program depends on the type of item and which affiliate program you join, the average commissionearned is 5 – 10% of the price of goods sold.

On average, Indoleads has higher affiliate commissions, because they work with advertisers directly and are able to get better deals for their publishers. 

Until now there have been many trusted and proven to pay affiliate programs that can be joined by affiliate marketers, Indoleads works with premium affiliate programs that have a good reputation in the affiliate world. Founded in May 2016, Kuala Lumpur-based Affiliate Network Indoleads is a cost per action (CPA) and Cost per sale (CPS) marketing platform. 

Advertisers prefer to work with Indoleads due to their unique in-house tracking solution, where they can manage publishers, analyze traffic, detect fraudulent activity, and integrate with other networks. Basically, advertisers on the platform are free to use it as a standalone solution for all their partnership needs.

Indoleads, an affiliate marketing venue initiated by co-founder and former CMO Sergey Gaydar has secured a 6-digit US investment from individuals, including angel investor from Vietnam.

If join Indoleads Affiliate Network, there will be many products that you can promote, with high CPS commissions of around 6-16% of the price of the items that are sold through your affiliate link. Interested to join? If Yes, the following are steps for registering and making money by joining an Indoleads affiliate program. 

  1. For the first step please visit the Signup Page

2. Then the new member registration form will appear that will allow you to join Indoleads Affiliate Platform. Please fill in the data required. Do make sure to provide the actual and correct data so there will be no issues in contacting you in the future.

– Please make sure to enter a valid email address that you have access to during the registration, as you will be receiving an email validation necessary to complete the registration in the affiliate platform. 
– You are required o enter a strong password for security purposes. Do include an uppercase letter, characters, and numbers to secure your account. 
– We do encourage our publishers to include Skype ID as a preferred IM, as it is the fastest and the most convenient way to reach the Affiliate Managers. 
– Include your valid phone number in case there is a necessity to verify your identity. 
– Choose your country of origin.
– Tick the type of offers you are the most interested to work with. 

3. In the Next stage, you will be able to choose your promotion method. Don’t forget to check out the T&C before clicking on  “I accept Terms and Conditions”, then press the Sign Up button.

Do include all that traffic sources that you use, this will help your Affiliate Manager to find the best offers suitable for your traffic type.

Please note that including at least one website is mandatory.

That’s all you need to join Indoleads as an affiliate and start making money from commissions. 
Stay tuned for other blog posts to learn about operating your account.


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