How To Monetize Your Fashion Blog in 2019: Ultimate Guide

Published : 05 Nov 2019   author : Indoleads Bot

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Creating a fashion blog is fairly simple, but making money from it is a totally different thing. In today’s post, learn how to monetize a fashion blog and get paid for having exceptional fashion sense.

If these are what you like to research and write about, blogging about fashion is probably for you, whether as a hobby, a side hustle, or a steady income source in the future.

However, “fashion” is a huge vertical, and is incredibly competitive. You’ll have to have tons of creativity, a very specific and engaged target audience, connections (or the audacity to create these connections), and an insane amount of luck to break through.

So you’ve built your blog, wrote top-notch content for it, promoted it, and now you’re ready to make money from it. But how?

1.Affiliate Marketing

Plenty of fashion bloggers, as well as bloggers who write in other verticals, have been successful with affiliate marketing as a source of income.

If this is your first time to hear about it, affiliate marketing is when you promote products and services of another merchant and earn a commission when your readers click your affiliate link, or if a purchase or a form completion results from a click on your affiliate link on your website.

Choosing the right products and services to promote is critical to the success of your affiliate marketing campaign, so choose them wisely. Remember, every time you endorse a product or service, you’re saying to your readers that this is a product that reflects your style as well as your values.

2. How to begin?

Here are basically two ways.

#1 Join an Affiliate Program!

A simple Google search for “affiliate program” will give you this information. Other times, you might have to go to the company’s website, poke around a bit, and see if they have affiliate programs. If this still doesn’t turn up anything, you can politely ask by filling out their Contact page, emailing them, or even calling them.

Pros: you choose the affiliate programs and might be able to start earning.

Cons: time! You need plenty of time to check the brands and their affiliate programs all by yourself to make sure the programs are legitimate and appropriate, cause you don’t wanna ruin your reputation right?

#2 Join an Affiliate Network!

Another way you can go about doing this is to look at affiliate networks like Indoleads. See which brands are offering affiliate programs, and check if they’re products or brands that you can work with.

Pros: you simply register on our website and start earning the very same day! Easy as it is. Flexibility is the king. You can try different programs, different approaches: including texts, banners and so on, and just see what will work for you. No special knowledge needed. The only thing you should be focused on is the needs of your users.

Cons: you might start earning too much and you didn’t want it, cause you kept saying: blogging is just for soul! Just a joke. Who said your hobby can’t grow into your business?

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