GetSmarter raises affiliate commission rate by 50% for a limited time

Published : 15 Jan 2024   author : Irina

The GetSmarter Affiliate Program is a partnership initiative that allows individuals, bloggers, content creators, and influencers to collaborate with GetSmarter in promoting its online courses. Affiliates market GetSmarter courses to their audience, and in return, they earn commissions for every successful referral, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the affiliate and GetSmarter.

Why choose GetSmarter?

Nowadays, the need for flexible, accessible, and high-quality learning experiences has never been more crucial. This innovative online education platform, has emerged as a trailblazer in addressing these needs. Founded in 2008, GetSmarter operates as edX’s partner for premium online short course products from the world’s leading universities and institutions.

GetSmarter sets itself apart by offering a diverse range of online short courses that cater to the needs of both individual learners and corporate entities and cover the most sought-after topics. For example, AI-related courses are in demand now, with «MIT Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy» course and «Oxford Artificial Intelligence Program» being one of the most popular among students.

Collaborating with top-tier universities and industry experts, the platform provides a unique blend of academic rigor and practical relevance. Whether one is seeking to upskill, reskill, or pursue a passion, GetSmarter’s courses are designed to deliver tangible, real-world value.

The educational platform has just announced a limited time increase in commission rate by crazily 50% till March 31, 2024. So now you will get 8% commission for each approved conversion.

Benefits for affiliates

  • A world-known online education platform;
  • Online courses already trusted by 140 000 students in 195 countries;
  • Multiple GEOs: BR, CA, FR, DE, HK, IT, NL, SG, IN, ES, CH, AE, GB, US, AU;
  • An increased affiliate commission.

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