Get thousands of visitors for your blog in half a year challenge

Published : 04 Jul 2019   author : Indoleads Bot

Let us tell you why affiliates and webmasters should not neglect teaser networks. With the right and reasonable approach, you can buy cheap targeted traffic there.

So, long story short. You have started a blog on the topic you’re passionate about. But you feel desperate cause your blog doesn’t get any traffic? You think: What is affiliate marketing without visitors? Should I quit and focus on something else?


The strategy below will boost your traffic in half a year. All you need is consistency.


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Do your homework


Research your competitors. They are already attracting traffic and able to drive sales with them, so why not take a look what is there that you don’t have and keep your eye on the same content. But. There is always some “but”. You should follow the same direction, but you need to provide much more detailed and quality content. Otherwise, your articles will not look competitive. The tools you might want to use to see what are your competitors are rushing about are like SEMrush or Ubersuggest.


It’ll show you what’s popular, and then you can see what traffic, what kind of articles are driving them traffic, so you can also create similar ones.


Reach out to people


They say blogging is about writing. Not exactly. It’s about writing the right things and making right contacts. At this point you definitely should email all of the people you link out to in your article.


Simply ask these people to share your post on the social web, there is a huge chance they would do so, and that’ll help you get more traffic.


The next thing you’d want to do is to contact the people who already shared similar content. You can check it on BuzzSumo or any other similar services and put in your competitors’ URLs.


It will show you all the people in the space who share similar types of content. Email them all, offering to share your post as well, but don’t forget to mention what makes your content stand out.


The list of friends


Start building your email list early. You can use tools like Hello Bar, MailChimp or any other service to collect emails. And you can use tools like PushCrew or to get people to subscribe to your blog when they visit it through their browser.


And yes. You don’t build this list just for the sake of building it. Every time you release a new post,


Your email list and push notifications should be shouting it out loudly to all the people there.


Is that all?


Yes and no. “Yes” because these are the steps. “No” because you should get back to all the circle again and again with every new post on your blog. It is also important to have a pleasant visual style to your blog, so don’t forget to accompany your content with relevant images.

Consistency is your everything and a bit more. It is not that hard to fulfill, and you will get the results, just give it a try.


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