Get 1000 likes on Facebook in no time

Published : 09 Jul 2019   author : Indoleads Bot

Let us tell you why affiliates and webmasters should not neglect teaser networks. With the right and reasonable approach, you can buy cheap targeted traffic there.

We bet you must be struggling with getting likes and comments for your posts on Facebook. Why? Just because almost all beginning bloggers do. Your affiliate business is about audience and getting people to your content, and Facebook can help, oh boy, it surely can!

So, how to? With the help of chat bots. A lot of them have only paid solutions. This one is called Mobile Monkey, it’s a free tool and it works perfectly, without GDPR issues, so far. Here are three ways you can use it effectively:

  1. Set Mobile Monkey for your website. As people chat with you, you can engage with people, they’ll start subscribing automatically to your Facebook messenger list. Think of it like building an E-mail base, but on Facebook.
  2. Set Mobile Monkey for your Facebook page. Once you connect it with your page and people start messaging and interacting with you on Facebook they’ll also subscribe to your list.
  3. Send a blast. Anytime you have a post or anything that you want traction for on Facebook, tell all your people to go check it out. And in Mobile Monkey you can do a blast and when you’re doing a blast they’ll get all notified about your latest post and they’ll start liking it.

But keep in mind, the biggest key to the algorithm on Facebook is not the likes, it’s comments. So the point is not just to send them that post and tell everyone go like it, it’s to tell them go like and comment on it. The more comments that you get on anything you share the more viral your content goes. Just write something engaging and creative so they want to leave a comment. And by asking for a like and comment you’ll notice that a ton of those people will because they’re already on Facebook.  

Give it a try, and you will get more tons of traffic on Facebook and 1000 likes is just a beginning.