Affiliate marketing: step-by-step instructions for earning money

Published : 14 May 2021   author : INDOLEADS BOT

Affiliate marketing: step-by-step instructions for earning money

How to get started in Affiliate Marketing?

For example, consider a novice trader. He wanted to earn some money in his spare time and learn about trade relations. There are three links in this system:

  • ads-want to buy their products/services.
  • the friends-the client agreed to the commission.
  • customers: make a purchase or leave your contact details.

To become a partner and receive commissions, you need to register in the CPA NETWORK, where many peer-to-peer programs are collected. After registration, a selection of more than 2000 offers will be opened.

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Selecting the initial traffic source

What can a novice use as a traffic source? Let’s say that Maxim ran a blog as a hobby, which has about 300 regular readers. He did reviews on new phones and wrote small articles about the choice of equipment. Maxim decided to monetize the blog with the help of affiliate marketing – to use it as a source of traffic. Now he added an online store recommendation to his content and left an affiliate link to it.

Social networks and forums were used to increase traffic. Maxim increased his activity on various platforms: he created thematic posts, left comments, and communicated on forums. All in order to consolidate the image of the expert. After all, to make purchases on your recommendation, it is important to have an image of a person who is well versed in the topic and causes trust. He spent several hours in the evenings doing all this.

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