5 Best WordPress Plugins & Tools to Add Social Proof

Published : 04 Sep 2019   author : Indoleads Bot

Why You Should Start Using Social Proof Tools

According to Nielsen’s research, 92% of people will trust recommendations from peers. Social proof marketing helps you show off all of the subscribers and customers who are already highly interested in purchasing through your links or in subscribing to your emails that they are on the very right way.

Have you ever searched for the reviews before buying something? We bet you did it millions of times, so do your visitors. Shoppers want proof from unbiased third parties. That’s why 80% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase. Adding recent sales popups lets you show your visitors the verified reviews without wasting their time to find ones somewhere else.

Some of the most popular social proof examples in use are testimonials, customer reviews, celebrity brand endorsements, certifications, and various stats. And now marketers can use the most effective tools to show the reviews right on the website.

Let’s go through the best social proof marketing plugins for WordPress!

1. TrustPulse

TrustPulse is the most powerful social proof app for business websites. It helps to increase trust, conversions, and sales by displaying attractive social proof notifications on your website.

It allows you to track purchases, downloads, or registrations on your website, and show them as a recent activity or a count of events. You can choose exactly where and when to display notifications to convert more users into customers.

TrustPulse also works as a FOMO (fear of missing out) plugin as it creates a feeling of urgency with swift notifications. This social proof app works well on all popular website platforms, including WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Drupal, and more.

2. WPForms

Customer reviews are among the most powerful social proof elements you can use on your website.

As user reviews are actual experiences of the real users, consumers find them more trustworthy. According to a study, consumers are 92% more likely to trust their peers over advertising.

In WordPress, you can easily collect customer reviews and display them on your website using the WPForms plugin.

WPForms is the most user-friendly WordPress form plugin which lets you create simple to advanced forms easily and quickly. It comes with tons of pre-designed form templates to allow you to create forms you need in an instant.

To collect and display user reviews on your website, you can use its blog post submission template with some customization.

3. Constant Contact

Another simple social proofing technique is to display your email subscribers’ count. Websites usually add ‘Join XX number of our subscribers’ message in their email sign-up forms and show that on their sidebars.

You can create similar type of sign-up form on your site by integrating with an email marketing service. While there’re many options in the market, Constant Contact is definitely worth trying. It lets you create an email list easily and send highly effective emails to your subscribers.

The best way to create a signup form in WordPress with Constant Contact integration is by using WPForms plugin.

It lets you connect your sign up form with your Constant Contact account and show the number of subscribers in WordPress. For more details, see this guide on connecting Constant Contact with WPForms.

4. Shared Counts

Displaying social share counts is one of the most popular social proof marketing techniques in use today.

Most websites display social share buttons and share counts on their blog posts. Doing so helps to prove your credibility, and also urges the new users to share your content.

You can easily add share buttons and show the shared counts for your WordPress articles using the Shared Counts plugin. It is fast and easy to use social media plugin for WordPress.

Using this plugin, you can insert social share buttons before and/or after post content, and also show the total shares. It includes the popular social platforms Facebook, Pinterest, Yummly, and Twitter, and more.

5. Thrive Ovation

Adding testimonials in WordPress is easy with the simple Thrive Ovation plugin. It offers you simple ways to gather and display testimonials on your website.

Thrive Ovation enables you to transform any WordPress comment, social media comment on Facebook and Twitter into a beautiful testimonial with ease. It also lets you create testimonial landing pages to collect testimonials.