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About Submarino Brazil :

Submarino is a Brazilian company. It is one of the pioneers in the segment of e-commerce from Brazil, founded in 1999 and today, after the merger with, is a leader in this segment. It is also a virtual shop made official by ABPD, along with IFPI.

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Automotivo, Brinquedos, Fraldas, Pet Shop e Climatização Sale 2,70%
Beleza e Saúde, Perfumaria e Livros Sale 4,05%
Cool Stuff, Moda, Cine & Foto Sale 3,60%
Eletrodomésticos Sale 2,70%
Eletrônicos Sale 2,70%
Esporte e Lazer Sale 3,60%
Fun Kitchen, Casa & Conforto, La Cuisine, Life Zone, Utilidades Domésticas e Cama, Mesa e Banho Sale 4,50%
PCs Sale 3,15%
Tablets, Acessórios de Informática, Móveis, Games e Consoles e Eletroportáteis Sale 3,15%
Telefonia Sale 2,70%


2.7% – 4.5%