Why and how to use native advertising for affiliate marketing?

Published : 15 Dec 2020   author : INDOLEADS BOT

Why choose native ads from Dable for affiliate marketing?

Native advertising provides a better advertising experience and has become a trend in the digital advertising industry today. They are usually tailored to the look and feel of the website. Native ads are surrounded by editorial content and are created to look similar to the main content on the website so that it can attract more attention from your potential customers. 

Indoleads.com is proud to announce a partnership with Dable to offer native advertising solutions to its publishers and advertisers in Malaysia at a discounted price. 

Why Dable? 

Dable has high-quality traffic and distributes advertisements to targeted readers over 2,500+ top media companies across Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia giving you maximum exposure and reader engagement. The advertising message is delivered in a softer and non-intrusive way, creating more engagement with consumers. In other words: Native ads are “ads that you don’t hate”.

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Dable Native Ad Feature 

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Dable’s technology team has the highest level of competence and rich experience from top tech companies. Dable helps you find new customers based on various user similarity algorithms. Ads can be targeted by location of the readers, media, interest keywords, re-exposure, and gender targeting to reach the right target audience. 

Key Features 

  • Create multiple ad content in real-time 
  • Easy campaign management and adjustable to fit your marketing goals 
  • Automatic ad optimization with performance tracking scripts 
  • Collect leads without a landing page easily with our in article content creator 
  • Better Looking Widget UI for maximum customer engagement 
  • Contextual interest targeting to find the right audience 
  • Ad exposure in premium media sites across Asia

Clients Testimonials 

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“With the influx of new customers, we could achieve the highest sales record ever.”

Crazy skin 

“Dable’s wide coverage of inventory was very attractive.” 


“We could obtain high quality leads as Dable targets customers with purchasing power.”

AZ Financial Service 

“Native ad platforms are a must for public relations.” 


“A Unique Technology Used To Boost Purchase Conversion.” 


Getting Started 

Get a 25% bonus on your first deposit in Dable, exclusively brought to you by Indoleads. 

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  1. Create a Dable ad account 

Exclusively for Indoleads, if you are based in Malaysia, you can create your new account with this link and get a 25% bonus on your first deposit in Dable. (The promotion is valid only for new accounts signed up through this link). Funds added are not refundable. 

  • Please enter all the information correctly on the sign-up page. 
  • New account creation requests are reviewed within 1 business day (24 hrs).
  • You will receive an email once the request is approved. 
  1. Budget Management 

Payments can be made easily via credit card in your account, through Payoneer, or via international bank transfer. 

  1. Create content 

To create content, You must have a landing page, ad title, and a text free thumbnail image. Once the content is created, it can be used in multiple campaigns. When creating content, you must comply with Dable’s Content Review Guide.

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  1. Create a new campaign 

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On the Campaign Management page, you can find everything related to campaigns. You can easily set and manage campaign period, budget, geo-targeting, keywords, distribution method, media, and many more. Minimum CPC is different depending on the account’s country and industry. CPC settings cannot be less than the minimum CPC. 

Note: We recommend adding at least 3 content within a campaign. Try adding content with a high response index! High-quality content is prioritized in ad serving. Ads running in Malaysia also recommended being in three languages (Malay, Chinese, English) 

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Results and Reports

On the Performance page, you can see detailed data on ad performance based on time, media, site, campaign, device, contents, etc. You can optimize your content and campaigns and increase ad efficiency by using this data.

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Get a 25% bonus on your first deposit in Dable by creating your account today with Dable and broaden your reach to all regions in Asia!

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