What Is a CPA Network and How to Find the Best One?

Published : 16 Jan 2019   author : Indoleads Bot

CPA stands for Cost Per Action, some also call it Cost Per Acquisition or some also use the term Pay Per Action. Whatever it is, all three have the same meaning. Namely, marketing activities (usually containing advertisements) when the advertiser only pays the affiliate for a specific action the visitor makes. ‘Specific action’ can be interpreted by giving leads, or can also submit an email address, or ordering a product or downloading a trial version of a product and more.

Your first task if you want to become an affiliate marketer in the CPA field is to look for an offer. Where to look for the offers? The easiest way is to register on the CPA Network, like Indoleads. CPA Network is where all CPA affiliate campaigns are accumulated. Networks act as a liaison between the direct advertiser for the offer and the affiliate marketer.

When you register and log in, you will realize that there are lots of CPA offers in a CPA Network. Hundreds, or even thousands. It can be very confusing for beginners to choose which offer they should promote. In general, there are several categories of affiliate campaigns which are called ‘Verticals’. Here are some examples of Verticals:

1. COD (Cash-on-delivery products).

COD vertical includes fitness, weight-loss, hair-loss related products, such as creams, ointments, vitamins etc. that tackle a specific issue that a customer has. Such offers can provide a trial product for free, as they thrive on upselling the products.

2. Biz-opp (business opportunity).
This vertical usually includes offers that are related to collecting leads, email addresses, phone number for potential customers of the particular business. Such offers are related to growing subscriber lists and customer databases.

3. Trading & Finance
This is a very lucrative CPA vertical for those affiliates who can convert the potential traffic. Such offers require the user t make some kind of deposit or take a loan from the advertiser in order to qualify for conversion.

4. Dating
Dating CPA offers also usually involve a subscription or a credit card submit – thus such offers can also be very profitable, as many dating advertisers are ready to pay a pretty penny for such customers.

5. Adult
Adult vertical refers to subscriptions to services for an audience older than 18 years old. The explicit nature of the content that you promote can largely limit your affiliate potential with the mainstream traffic sources.

6. App installs & Mobile Gaming
This vertical usually includes CPI offers, which can also be considered CPA, if they have specific KPIs. For example, in some cases only subscription to the paid content of the game will be considered as conversion, nit just the install of the mobile app/ game.

7. Giveaways / Freebies / Sweepstakes
You can learn how to promote giveaways and sweepstakes in one of our previous blog articles! We’ve shared the best strategies for such offers. Check it our and start earning!

Each CPA Network works with different categories/verticals. Very few work with all vertical at once, as they prefer to focus on specific niche markets. While Indoleads prides itself for working only with premium CPS advertisers, we also try to find some profitable CPA offers for our publishers.

In order not to be confused in choosing the right offer for you, here’s a quick guide:

1. Select and focus on specific verticals. Usually, a CPA affiliate marketer only focuses on 1-3 categories. This will allow you to keep a good focus and master it.

2. Affiliate manager is the person who know and understands which offer is popular and which offer is good for beginners. Therefore, don’t be shy to contact your affiliate manager.

3. Offer that has a low commission is usually easier to promote and easier to get conversions. On the contrary, offers that have high commissions are more difficult. If you are a beginner, choose an offer that is under $ 2.

4. Each network usually has a list of offers that are popular based on EPC (earnings per click or income per click) and volume. This popular offer can be your starting point.

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