Top Affiliate Verticals for 2019

Published : 06 Apr 2019   author : Indoleads Bot

You might be anxious to know which verticals can bring you a big dollar this year? We are not going to disappoint you. These are the hottest trends for 2019, so be sure to try them out!

1.     Nutra

Nutra vertical has reached its peak in tier-1 regions, and it will probably go on its growth in tier-2 and tier-3 geos. In this vertical among common mainstream market healthy and beauty products, a great popularity are gaining adult products such as male enhancers. After the patent for Viagra has expired, a wave of legitimate alternatives has been flooding the market, so this mainstream and adult markets crossover point is definitely worth your attention.

2.     E-commerce

The market of e-commerce is already big enough, and its growth in tier-3 regions is highly expected. E-Commerce became especially popular lately. The giants of online retail such as Amazon and Aliexpress are definitely only fueling the whole market, and there is no reason to expect any recessions in this vertical. Indoleads affiliate network is partnering with the most promissing e-commerce players in e-commerce industry. Join our network to see the whole list of premium online shops and marketplace to promote.

3.     Gambling

Gambling vertical will most probably rock in 2019. The market is growing and changing with new CPA, CPL and RevShare offers appearing every day. Hybrid models like CPA+Revshare are trending heavily, as this particular model allows the advertiser to control their expenses tying payouts to their own income. It also allows the affiliate to have enough funds to top up their circular money flow and keep it stable. Gambling demonstrated massive expansion in RU affiliate market in 2018, and it will most probably continue to expand the same as Nutra COD did years ago.

4.     Lead Generation Sweepstakes

Lead Generation Sweepstakes will be popular for as long as people will feel overwhelmed by the possibility of winning prizes like iPhones, exotic vacations or vouchers from well-known brands. Also, the flow is easy as it works through a submission form and the expansion of push notification format is definitely making these offers much easier to promote. In addition to that, CPS model is one of the most promising here. As Netflix has been so successful over the past couple of years, huge companies are jumping at the idea of a subscription business model.

Now with the examples set by Apple, Disney, Sony, and Microsoft a lot of companies are getting involved in subscription offerings for consumers: TV subscriptions, gaming subscriptions and even subscriptions for products like dental and healthy food. So the market is set to thrive.

5.     Dating

This vertical works well both for mainstream and adult markets. With the surge of interest in push notification traffic, dating traffic has skyrocketed because it’s been found that dating converts well with push. Even though it is quite competitive, there is plenty of opportunities given the size of this industry and all different niches. So dating vertical stays on top, but your first critical task is to find the ones that have the most potential on your traffic.

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