Top 3 Fashion affiliate programs in Russia

Published : 06 Apr 2021   author : INDOLEADS BOT

Top 3 Fashion partner programs in Russia:

  • KupiVIP Affiliate Program

  • Mothercare Affiliate Program

  • Lamoda Affiliate Program


KUPIVIP is a Russian company and an eponymous online clothing and footwear store. Founded in 2008, it operates in the markets of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

Discounts, you say?

Yes, discounts! On KUPIVIP – only they are, and not seasonal, but permanent. 30-90% of the full price – both for models of previous seasons and for individual current collections. Their buyers track fashion trends all year round and do everything to get the best on the most favorable terms.

Can you teach me how to be fashionable?

To be fashionable means to skillfully combine things: basic and trendy, luxury and democratic, classic and avant-garde. A strict trench coat and muley slippers. Immortal sweater-oversize-and royal earrings. A simple T-shirt – and a sundress with straps on top of it. On KUPIVIP – all the details of a fashion designer: from things of the premium segment to absolutely affordable. Feel free to mix them and collect compliments.

What about the quality?

Before you get to the warehouse, each item is carefully checked. Specialists study each seam and make sure that the composition of the fabric corresponds to the declared one. Customers are reliably protected from fakes and defects.

KUPIVIP.RU brands?

A great variety: from the young and promising to the heavyweights of fashion. These are both Prada sandals at a nice price, and an avant-garde dress from a New York prodigy. You will find it on KUPIVIP.EN the perfect shirt of a large or, on the contrary, small size, high-tech leggings for sports and an unusual cocktail dress in feathers. And, again: KUPIVIP.EN brands for any wallet. KUPIVIP.EN wholeheartedly for mixing democratic and premium brands. Being fashionable doesn’t mean dressing exclusively in luxury.



Mothercare offers a wide range of products for expectant mothers and children from 0 to 10 years old. Mothercare is a useful guide for young parents on a wide range of issues related to motherhood and childhood.
Mothercare was founded in 1961 in the United Kingdom. Today, Mothercare has more than 1,200 stores in 53 countries. The first Mothercare store in Russia opened its doors in 1994 in Moscow. Today, Mothercare stores are open in many cities of our country, such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Omsk, Ufa, Krasnodar, Samara, Tolyatti, Rostov-on-Don, Surgut, Ryazan, and others.

How does Mothercare position itself?

All over the world, the Mothercare brand positions itself as an expert on maternity and childhood issues and offers a wide range of not only products but also services designed to facilitate parental work and make the process of raising a child and the pregnancy itself pleasant and enjoyable. as comfortable as possible.


Lamoda The largest online store in Russia, representing more than 500,000 products and 700 authentic world brands of clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Launch a project

Within 1.5 years of its launch, the Lamoda project has become one of the leading players in the online fashion retail market, offering authentic products from 700 global brands, which is about 500,000 items of clothing, shoes, and accessories. Today, the company employs more than 800 people and also operates a delivery service throughout the country.

Online store

The Lamoda online store was launched with the support of Rocket Internet, a European “incubator” of Internet startups, and is managed by the four founders of the project – Dominik Picker (Dominik Picker), Florian Jansen (Florian Jansen), Burkhard Binder (Burkhard Binder) and Niels Tonsen (Niels Tonsen).

Leading online retailer

Lamoda is a leading Russian online retailer of clothing, shoes, accessories, perfumes, and household goods. The company strives to provide customers with both the best selection of fashion brands in the network and excellent service. Lamoda offers free shipping, a pre-purchase fitting, and a 365-day return option.

Lamoda Group

Lamoda Group has its headquarters in Moscow and more than 5,000 employees. The pride of Lamoda is its own infrastructure: a powerful IT platform, a warehouse complex, a delivery service, call centers, and a photo studio. In 2016, other retailers also provided access to them: they launched the Marketplace and entered the B2B market, offering a wide range of services to third parties. One of the most interesting offers on the platform, and in combination with the affiliate program offer to participate and earn as much as possible!