Top 10 CPS Offers from China to Promote in 2019

Published : 25 Feb 2019   author : Indoleads Bot

TIt’s all about shopping! And also, making money. Because two of these can’t stay apart, right? Online shopping CPS affiliate offers are always win-to-win choices. Almost 1.8 billion people around the world now buying online, and the tendency is for growing at an unprecedented rate all over the world. Shopping can never be enough or become boring, it’s only the matter of quality-price balance, which is not a problem with so many awesome online stores. Indoleads has prepared the best online shopping offers for tech geeks, those in love with fashion and also those who want to buy everything in one place. What is even more appealing for almost all these offers is – the more sales will you attract for these stores with your web traffic the more money will you make. You simply can’t miss them! Let’s get our hands on these CPS programs today!


C2C platform for all categories of items (Online Marketplaces)





Payout: up to 9%


GEO: worldwide


We have analysed Aliexpress CPS offer before in contrast to Amazon – guess who won this battle? You can read about it in this blog post.


Who doesn’t know this great Chinese online shopping platform where everyone can buy everything from buttons to washing machines? Aliexpress is a true C2C platform, as it unites thousands of individuals and small companies who sell their goods through this service, while Aliexpress provides logistics support, as well as oversees the whole shopping process to keep it safe and transparent. Shipping is almost always free, and the buyer protection is the sign of amazing customer service.


On average this massive CPS offer is able to attract over 50 thousands conversions a month in Indoleads Network, with pretty great 0,85% CR. This offer converts extremely well in Europe, such countries like Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, France, Spain and Germany are among the best.


You can BECOME ALIEXPRESS AFFILIATE by joining Indoleads Affliate Network even today!


Platforms for tech enthusiasts (Online Marketplaces)





Payout: up to 50%


GEO: worldwide


Gearbest is an online B2C online store specializing in electronic products, gadgets, and fashion menswear. Fans of gadgets or simply those who are attracted to all sorts of technical devices with low prices might be delighted with this electronic giant. Huge discounts, free or low-cost shipping, English customer-service – isn’t it perfect? With payouts up to 50% it certainly is. So this offer is a real deal.


Gearbest receives over 1 million clicks from Indoleads platform every month, but there is more room for growth for this offer. The countries with the most conversion are healthy mix of Europe and Americas, so if you have traffic for Portugal , France, United States or Brazil or any neighboring country – this is a great CPS affiliate offer for you.


You can BECOME GEARBEST AFFILIATE today by joining this affiliate program on our platform.





Payout: 6%


GEO: worldwide


As a B2C platform Banggood appears to sell a little bit of everything: electronics, clothing, accessories, beauty products, and even more. Free or low-cost shipping as in the best traditions of Chinese online stores. The reviewers claim the prices here are very lucrative with one of the fastest deliveries possible.


Banggood is one of the oldest running CPS affiliate offer on Indoleads platform. 6% commissions are bringing good results for our affiliates on average. 1.46% CR is a great indicator that this offer is performing as one of our top offers.


You can BECOME BANGGOOD AFFILIATE with Indoleads and start promoting this awesome offer today!





Payout: 9%


GEO: worldwide


It Is one of the biggest online wholesale and retail B2C platforms with a strong focus on electronic gadgets, accessories and other coolest tech products of all types with very lucrative prices. Daily-use products, as well as the items for house and garden are also presented here, so the choice is really impressing. By the way, Tomtop is one of the best suppliers of Alibaba since 2006, which adds points to its credibility.


TomTop CPS affiliate program is significant for it’s high approval rates, which makes it quite profitable for our publishers. As it is popular in Tier-1 countries – the average payout is relatively high, compared to the rest of the offers in this lineup.


You can BECOME TOMTOP AFFILIATE by joining Indoleads and getting your tracking link within only 2 minutes! Start earning today!





Payout: 6%


GEO: worldwide


This is an online B2C platform with smartphones, laptops, TV boxes, smart watches, drones amongst it’s the most popular products. From big to small brands items, all newest trends are easily found in this online store. Shipments are operated from different warehouses located in various parts of the world. Discount coupons, almost every day, a big range of sale items – so yes, say “hi” to all true passionate tech enthusiasts.


The CR of this CPS offer is quite comparable to the Aliexpress results – 0.84%. Overall, this is a great offer for bloggers who are interested in technology, gadgets and/or product reviews. Target Geos should include – France, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, etc.


You can BECOME GEEKBUYING AFFILIATE today and enjoy great results from this campaign!


Clothes & apparel focused E-commerce giants





Payout: 15-20%


GEO: worldwide


Zaful is an online B2C platform for fashion apparel. The most appealing are of course the latest fashion designs and the highest affordability with discount and sales all year round. The shipping is free for orders over 49$, or very low-cost otherwise. The outfits can be seen on real people in the section with review posts, which is extremely helpful while making decision on buying.


Zaful has a healthy mix of customers from Americas, Europe and Asian countries like Hing King and Singapore. Which makes it an overall great choice for any traffic and Geo. Average conversion value is over USD5, so Zaful CPS offer can be a great sources of income if you are able to bring them some sales!


You can BECOME ZAFUL AFFILIATE by joining their CPS offer on Indoleads platform!





Payout: 12%


GEO: worldwide


Shein is an international B2C fast fashion e-commerce platform. The company mainly focuses on women’s wear, but it also offers men’s apparel, children’s clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and other fashion items. Shein mainly targets Europe, America, Australia, and the Middle East along with other consumer markets. The brand was founded in October 2008, and since then turned into one of the biggest apparel online stores worldwide. Its business covers more than 220 countries and regions around the world. A great variety of all kinds of women’s fashion apparel accompanied by all-year round exclusive offers and low-cost shipping – what else the woman may need?


Shein is one of the most popular fashion CPS campaigns on Indoleads Platform. It is stacking up to 10 thousand conversions every month. With high average order value – it can easily become very profitable affiliate campaign for you. This offer requires approval from advertiser, which can take some time, but it is definitely worth the wait!


You can BECOME SHEIN AFFILIATE by applying to the offer – do make sure to share your exact traffic sources to get the approval as fast as possible!





Payout: 18%


GEO: Great Britain, USA


Fairyseason B2C store provides fashionable apparel for both individuals and wholesalers. The store offers a whole catalog of products including clothing, shoes, accessories for women and a limited variety of items for kids. Men’s apparel is not presented here. A great customer service, as well as the lowest prices possible, are claimed to be the store’s top features.


One of the biggest advantages of FairySeason Affiliate offer is that they allow any kind of traffic, including paid search. As this offer is focusing on USA and GB as their main Geos, you can tell that the buying power of thses countries is quite high, with generous commissions of 18% you can get on average USD8 per conversion!


You can BECOME FAIRYSEASON AFFILIATE today and start earning great commissions.





Payout: up to 15%


GEO: worldwide


BerryLook is a global online store that delivers latest women fashion apparel: dresses, tops, bottoms, swimwear. The store also offers a variety of men’s fashionable clothes, but the main focus stays on women’s apparel.


Berrylook is a new major player in the fashion CPS offers inventory. Getting over 1 thousand conversions every month and growing exponentially. This affiliate offer is equally great for Indonesia and Singapore, as well as for USA and Canada. In addition, this offer has a stellar 1.7% Conversion rate over the last 2 months.


You can BECOME BERRYLOOK AFFILIATE by joining Indoleads and applying for this awesome offer. Affiliate earnings await!





Payout: 10-16%


GEO: worldwide


Newchic B2C platform offers a massive selection of the latest clothing and accessories for both women, men and kids, as well as accessories for house decoration, products for home and garden. Sales up to 50% and more, discount coupons and free to low cost shipping – sounds good, doesn’t it?


You can BECOME NEWCHIC AFFILIATE today via this link and promoting great CPS offers from China all over the world!


These offers are available at Indoleads inventory alongside hundreds of similar offers that stack up to hundreds of thousands of dollars payouts every month, so it’s not the case when you should think twice, go for it right now!

Keep track of our regular blog posts to know more insights about our Top CPS offers. Learn about the most profitable affiliate offers from Malaysia and Indonesia while you are at it.