Top 10 Affiliate Programs in Thailand for 2022

Published : 27 Apr 2022   author : AbdulAziz Nour

Thailand has everything to become one of the leaders in eCommerce among South-Eastern Asian countries. This means affiliate marketing with Thai audience is already highly profitable, and affiliates here generate their income with high-ticket offers from prominent local and international brands. Stay with us and you will learn top 10 affiliate programs in Thailand which have a high conversion rate and will definitely contribute to your big sales in 2022.    

Why Thailand?

Thailand ranked 22nd for eCommerce market volume with a revenue of US$10 billion in 2021, being ahead of Austria and behind Switzerland. With an increase of 28%, the Thai eCommerce market contributed to the worldwide growth rate of 29% in 2021. This growth will continue over the next few years because of the expanding middle class and lagging offline shopping infrastructure. As affiliate marketing is closely linked with eCommerce, it follows that it is viable to promote goods and services here online and get commissions.   

The state of eCommerce 

During the pandemic the factors which had already boosted eCommerce in previous years have speeded up the further spread of online shopping. The increased internet and mobile phone use, as well as improved logistics and e-payment systems, made it possible for millions of Thais during a lockdown to shop conveniently from the comfort of their homes. 

Another feature of Thailand’s growing eCommerce market is a focus on mobile applications, with an estimated m-Commerce market of $15.8 billion in 2020. The m-Commerce market is expecting a compound annual growth rate of 12% to $25 billion by 2023, driven by 40% smartphone penetration and an established preference for mobile over desktop shopping.

The Thai government has set big goals towards eCommerce development. It is determined to bridge the digital divide and promote modern economic development through eCommerce by constructing a broadband network for all villages across the country. Support from the Thai government, coupled with growing smartphone penetration, should also boost digital wallet adoption and decrease the role of cash on delivery payment method. In 2019, digital wallets were used to pay for 23% of eCommerce transactions, tying with bank transfers, according to the survey findings from JP Morgan. While cash on delivery payment method still accounts for 22% of eCommerce sales, it is expected that the figure will decline to approximately 12% in the next couple of years.

Online penetration here has reached 44% in Thailand, in other words, 44% of the Thai population have bought at least one product online in 2021. According to JP Morgan, cross-border eCommerce consumes almost 30% of the overall eCommerce market in Thailand. Almost 50% of online shoppers have already made a purchase from abroad. That means international eCommerce giants have all the chances to further expand their audiences here. 

Let’s take a look at the best affiliate programs for Thailand in 2022. 

1. Shopee Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 04 21 at 10.13.20

Shopee is the leading eCommerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Launched in 2015, it is a platform tailored for the region, providing customers with an easy, secure and fast online shopping experience through strong payment and fulfillment support.

Founded in Singapore, Shopee expanded its reach to Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Brazil. It serves users in Southeast Asia and Taiwan to buy and sell products online. Shopee presents an expansive range of products, a social community for exploration, and smooth and satisfactory services. Due to the mobile and social element built within the concept, Shopee was described as one of the “5 disruptive eСommerce startups we saw in 2015” by Tech In Asia.

With a wide selection of product categories ranging from consumer electronics to home & living, health & beauty, baby & toys, fashion and fitness equipment, Shopee aims to continually enhance its platform and become the region’s eСommerce destination of choice. The amount of deals and special offers here can blow one’s mind. With a daily discovery section for tailored product offerings anyone can find something they need. 

Shopee is one of the leaders of Thailand eCommerce market, so why are you hesitating? Sign up here, promote Shopee and hassle-free earn your commission!

Payout: 1.30% – 16%

2. Exness Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 04 21 at 10.44.46

Exness is a forex and CFD broker offering access to trading in currencies, crypto, stocks, indices, metals and commodities. This global multi-asset broker was founded in 2008 with the mission to reshape the online trading industry. They aim to maximize their client’s potential when trading the markets by offering better-than-market conditions on currencies, crypto, stocks, indices, metals and commodities. Exness offers their proprietary Trading Terminal platform as well as MetaTrader 4 and 5. A wide variety of account types cater to different types of traders.

The leading broker has had tremendous success and growth in its 13-year history and in 2021 surpassed the $1 trillion mark in monthly trading volume. This momentous milestone establishes the already successful broker’s leading presence in the financial markets landscape. Exness has been consistently one of the top 5 brokers, averaging $843 billion in 2021, with its previous highest peaking at $947 billion in July 2021. Exness has also had a 58% year over year increase in trading volume and almost 270,000 active clients as of March 2022.

Exness heavily invests in developing technologies, algorithms and products that will result in fast execution, stable pricing, and low to zero commissions and spreads, in addition to features that give traders an extra layer of protection during volatile markets.

Sign up for the Exness affiliate program here.

Payout: USD 7 – 1239

3. Lazada Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 04 21 at 11.37.49

Lazada is an international eСommerce company founded in 2012 and owned by Alibaba Group. In 2014, Lazada Group operated sites in multiple countries and had raised approximately US$647 million over several investment rounds.

Its sites launched in March 2012, with a business model of selling inventory to customers from its own warehouses. In 2013 it added a marketplace model that allowed third-party retailers to sell their products through Lazada’s site; the marketplace accounted for 65% of its sales by the end of 2014.

Lazada is one of the largest eСommerce platforms in Southeast Asia. Up to now, they have expanded their markets to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. It serves cross-border selling opportunities to sellers with a huge number of ready buyers on the platform.

Lazada provides a fast, secure and convenient online shopping experience with a broad product offering in categories ranging from fashion, consumer electronics to household goods, toys and sports equipment etc. Their customers always receive the best possible offering – including multiple payment options, free returns and extensive customer service and warranty commitments.

Join Lazada affiliate program here and start earning!

Payout: up to 15.75%

4. Airpaz Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 04 25 at 19.30.14

Airpaz as an online travel agent serving flight tickets in South East Asia and expanding to the European market. Since the company’s official establishment in 2011, Airpaz has been focusing on the traveling industry in a one-stop platform. As a third party, they have been cooperating with various airlines and accommodation in order to fulfill traveler’s needs.

Airpaz covers the whole Southeast Asia Market including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Japan, Macau, South Korea, and India with expansion plans aiming to the worldwide vibrant market.

The service offers flexible payment features in local currency, provides tools to manage bookings and make easy booking steps to book a flight or a hotel. Best fare calendars, price alerts, and many appealing features that Airpaz members can get. Airpaz is constantly expanding its range of services, and now there is a wide selection of hotels available on their website and in their app. More than 5 million travelers already use Airpaz on a regular basis.

Airpaz is also available on Android/iOS apps and their customer support is ready 24/7 to help with any issue.

Sign up here and start earning with Airpaz.

Payout: 1%

5. Klook Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 04 22 at 14.50.33

Klook is an online booking platform that connects travelers with local operators in 350 destinations around the world. Its focus is to enhance experiences for travelers, in turn helping them to achieve a more authentic and stress-free trip. This travel and leisure booking platform designed to connect travelers with experiences and attractions has become one of the leaders in this segment. 

Klook was founded in 2014 out of a passion for discovery. Since then, Klook has become a go-to app for travel and leisure experiences in APAC. The service has raised over US$720 million in funding and connected millions of users with experiences that bring joy. Today, users of Klook can choose from over 490,000 products and services in more than 1,000 destinations, including exclusive deals for some of the most famous attractions in the world. 

Here anyone can book hotels, transportation, tickets for activities and events, rent a car, buy food and dining vouchers. It’s an ultimate destination for travelers to plan their perfect vacation in so many destinations around the world. Nowadays the platform has grown to include local deals and products, from experiences and staycations to car rental and insurance. 

Join the Klook affiliate program right now and start earning!

Payout: 2% – 5%

6. Nike Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 04 22 at 14.49.03

Nike is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services. It is the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel and a major manufacturer of sports equipment. In 2020 the brand alone was valued in excess of $32 billion, making it the most valuable brand among sports businesses. The company sponsors top athletes and sports teams around the world, including LeBron James, Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, and Alex Morgan. In 2021 the company announced plans to begin refurbishing returned sneakers to sell at a lower price as part of an attempt to reduce consumer waste and combat climate change.

Here anyone can buy all kinds of sportswear, sneakers and accessories for a whole family. A big section of deals and special prices items is always updated, so that anyone can purchase stylish sporty outfits at the most affordable price. 

Sign up here and start earning like a boss.  

Payout: 10%

7. KTC Credit Card Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 04 22 at 14.19.03

Krungthai Card Public Company Limited (“KTC”) is a Thai financial company which operates a credit card business, including credit card related business, acquiring business, payment service provider, and personal loan. KTC was registered as a juristic person in 1996, with an authorized capital of Baht 50 million, and was transformed into a public company limited under the name of Krungthai Card Public Company Limited in 2002. The company was listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand on 28th October 2002.

KTC’s strategy focuses on building a membership base to sustain the company’s profits in which credit card and personal loan are core businesses. Besides, the company has offered other related businesses to satisfy its members. As of December 31, 2020, KTC had a total of 3.4 million accounts consisting of 2,575,684 credit card accounts and 814,329 personal loan accounts. The company offers a variety of Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay and JCB credit cards with rewards programs. Anyone can apply for a card in a few clicks and enjoy bonuses and rewards when spending with the KTC card.

Join KTC Credit Card affiliate program here

8. Kiiroo Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 04 22 at 14.51.25

Kiiroo is a fast growing tech company based in Amsterdam which makes innovative interactive toys. The company has been leading the way in the sex tech / teledildonics industry since 2013; working at the intersection of technology and human interest. 

In addition to personal satisfaction, Kiiroo uses technology to forge new and better ways for people to connect, interact and explore because in an increasingly digitalized, freelance world, the need is growing every day. Their devices are beyond traditional pleasure products. As Kiiroo founders state, their devices communicate with each other to create a uniquely sensual experience like lovers do. Pearl is a luxury G-spot vibrator; Onyx is the next generation of male masturbators, complete with a Fleshlight sleeve inside. When any two Kiiroo devices are used together online, they simulate actual physical intimacy. Thanks to Kiiroo, a customer can now touch their lover or partner, from anywhere in the world. Cyberdildonics (a.k.a teledildonics) are still in their infancy, but Kiiroo is at the forefront of the wave. Giving the ability to feel someone else is a whole new kind of internet experience. Kiirroo already has millions of customers and it’s only the beginning.

This unique affiliate offer is for those who want to try something new and are willing to be always a step ahead of others. Join Indoleads right now and start earning with Kiiroo.

Payout: 20%

9. Casetify Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 04 22 at 14.55.33

Casetify is a Hong Kong-based company that designs and produces phone cases and electronic accessories. Founded in 2011, the company first featured custom phone cases by using Instagram photos. It later expanded to selling accessories with different designs. Since then, it has grown into one of the three biggest accessory brands in the world.

The company is headquartered in Hong Kong and has offices in Los Angeles. It has collaborated with multiple brands such as DHL, Blanc & Eclare, Pokémon, Vetements, Saint Laurent and such celebrities as Pharrell, Sarah Jessica Parker for phone case collections. It is the fastest growing global tech accessories brand, reaching 1 in 7 millenials. Casetify has become the publisher and platform for creativity and self-expression to connect individuals. Additionally, Casetify has partnered with key retail partners including Nordstrom,,, Anthropologie, Amazon, AT&T, Lane Crawford, and more.

At Casetify anyone can purchase all sorts of cases for all Apple devices. Unique designs, colorful styles as well as premium quality are the main features of Casetify products. Sign up here and start promoting Casetify!

Payout: USD 4.2

10. Pomelo Fashion Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 04 25 at 11.33.22

Pomelo Fashion is a Bangkok-based online fashion retail company, launched in 2013. The brand born in Asia with a global mindset: on-trend, online, on-the-go. It focuses on products that are produced in Asia. The company designs, sources materials, researches fashion trends, delivers goods to its customers, and more. The company designs its clothing with an Asian market in mind. It considers the size and shape of the average consumer as well as the warmer climate of Southeast Asia. The company also has brick and mortar stores in Thailand and Singapore.

Pomelo Fashion is also available through mobile application for both Android and iOS systems. Here one can find the most trendy women’s clothing, accessories, shoes, and beauty. There are new arrivals of goods every week that can be viewed on the website. Pomelo Fashion also has special collections, such as the Summer collection and Chinese New Year collection. 

In order to survive in a competitive eCommerce market and ensure that it can go toe-to-toe with the best in international fashion, Pomelo Fashion works directly with suppliers, making sure materials meet the quality and hipness requirements of present-day high-end clothing trends. It also has a team of in-house designers, who pay attention to styles in New York and Seoul and then adapt them to the Thai market when necessary. Every single product on the website is curated and designed by the Pomelo team.

Pomelo Fashion also has a free delivery option. Who can resist shopping here? Your audience will be grateful for this offer. Join Indoleads right now and start promoting it.

Payout: 4% – 6%

Wrapping It Up

If you have an audience in Thailand, it’s the best time to start monetizing your online presence. By joining Indoleads you will get access to the most prominent and verified advertisers whose products and services are already highly popular in Thailand. We have even more companies in all profitable niches available in our catalog. Start working with us and you won’t regret it!