Top 10 Affiliate Programs in Indonesia you don’t want to miss out on

Published : 31 Aug 2021   author : Irina

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Tired of your 9 to 5 day job? Can’t stand your office environment? Internet has a solution for you. You might have heard of affiliate marketing. It’s the process of earning money (aka commissions) every time you promote a company’s products or services and drive a sale. If you’ve heard of it before but never tried, it’s probably because Internet is full of articles leading you to believe that affiliate marketing is dead. In short – it’s definitely not. Why? Let’s take a quick look at numbers.

According to Statista, by 2022 affiliate marketing spending in the U.S. alone is expected to reach $8.2 billion. This is more than triple what it was in 2012. As it was stated in Awin Report, in 2017 advertisers invested $13 billion in affiliate marketing. These numbers together with the consistent growth trend demonstrate that affiliate marketers will likely continue to thrive in the 2020s and beyond. 

According to a Forrester report, 81% of advertisers and 84% of publishers use affiliate marketing. And over half of the affiliate publishers surveyed in the same report stated that affiliate marketing accounted for more than 20% of their annual revenue.

This shows how the affiliate channel has transformed from a coupon-dominated industry to a serious marketing channel, now used by major advertisers looking to accelerate their growth. Over 80% of them also devote more than 10% of their marketing budgets to affiliate programs.

E-commerce in Indonesia and its impact on Affiliate Marketing 

Indonesia is growing the number of its netizens. Statista states that in 2020, the internet penetration rate in Indonesia stood at 69.8% compared to 54.13$  just three years earlier. This value is estimated to increase in the years to follow and reach 82.53 percent by 2026. It’s obvious that Internet has been an increasingly important part of most Indonesians’ daily life.

The number of internet users is rapidly growing in recent years, and no wonder if Indonesia may have one of the largest online populations globally in the future decade or two. Not only do most Indonesians have access to the internet these days, but they are also relatively active on the internet, with an average of nearly eight hours of internet use per day, and out of all this time around three hours is spent on their favorite social media.

In a recent survey on attitudes towards the internet in Indonesia, the majority of respondents claimed it was very important for them to have access to mobile internet at all times wherever they were. The McKinsey report also indicated that almost three-quarters of online consumers in Indonesia are using mobile devices to shop, which is similar to markets such as China (77 percent) but higher than markets such as Malaysia (62 percent) and the United States (39 percent). As of the third quarter of 2019, watching videos and listening to music services were among the most popular activities done by Indonesians online.

According to McKinsey report, Indonesia is the largest online commerce market in Southeast Asia, generating roughly $2.5 billion in new consumption revenue today and a likely $20 billion by 2022. Looking at it from a different angle, 30 percent of online commerce is new consumption, or purchases that would not have occurred in the absence of online commerce, and are likely to increase as online commerce proliferates in regions with untapped consumer demand. As to J.P.Morgan data, Indonesia’s e-commerce value has rapidly risen since 2017. It is set to continue at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.8 percent to 2023, one of the higher predictions in our 2020 report series.

Why are these numbers so important for us as affiliate marketing professionals? Because they prove it sound and clear that Indonesia’s affiliate marketing is going to boom along with its e-commerce. That’s why we recommend you to look at these best affiliate programs we have prepared for you. Let’s go through them together step by step!

1. Shopee Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 08 30 at 22.41.25

Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Launched in 2015, it is a platform tailored for the region, providing customers with an easy, secure and fast online shopping experience through strong payment and fulfillment support.

Here one can shop for everything from latest fashion trends to electronics, it’s truly an ultimate destination for everything one might need. 

Shopee is one of the leaders of Indonesian e-commerce market, so why are you hesitating? Join Indoleads, promote Shopee and hassle-free earn your commission!

Shopee commission from 2,1% to 7%

2. Banggood Affiliate Program

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Banggood is a world-famous cross-border online store and is committed to bringing China’s high-quality goods and top-class customer service to customers across the globe. Indonesians love Banggood because here one can find everything from car charger to 3d printer, as well as thousands of outfits for a whole family, health and beauty products, the latest gadgets and many more. 

This affiliate program is great for those whose audience is into electronics, as Bangggood is definitely one of the top retailers in the electronics and gadgets market. Just promote Banggood products and earn money easily! How to start? Join Indoleads!

Banggood commission from 7,84% to 14%

3. Zalora Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 08 30 at 22.45.29

Zalora is Asia’s leading online fashion destination. They are one of the largest and fastest-growing fashion focused e-commerce sites in Southeast Asia. Their collections are for every woman and for every occasion possible. Need a casual outfit? No problem! Thousands of tops and bottoms for a casual stroll or just a fun meeting with friends. Need an evening garment? You’re in the right place! One of the best selections of outfits for the most special moments in life. And who said it’s just for women? No! They have amazing men’s and kids’ outfits too.

The store offers an extensive collection of over 500 top international and local brands and designers. If your audience is into fashion, just start promoting Zalora right now, because here customers can shop from thousands of products across men’s and women’s fashion apparel, shoes, accessories, and beauty categories online. Also, they care about their customers being satisfied with their shopping experience, that’s why Zalora offers a thirty-day free returns policy and speedy deliveries within 1-3 working days so that a customer can quickly receive an order, try it on and return the items that don’t fit. For those who hate spending on delivery, cause we know we all want to stay savvy these days, the store offers free delivery over a certain spend, and multiple payment methods including cash-on-delivery. 

As you see, Zalora affiliate program is just a perfect solution for every fashionista out there. Still in doubt? Don’t be! Zalora pays a commission, a very generous one, for every sale you drive, so just sign up at Indoleads, join Zalora affiliate offer and make your money!

Zalora commission from 2,5% to 6%

4. Aliexpress Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 08 30 at 22.48.02

We bet you’ve already heard about this e-commerce giant from China. Aliexpress is an online shopping destination for the latest electronics, fashion, phone accessories, computer electronics, toys, home and garden, home appliances, tools, home improvement products and more. There is hardly any product you can’t find on Aliexpress. And we are not joking! People shop here for everything: from clothing for a whole family to the latest drones. Why is it so popular? The variety of goods, affordable prices, almost everyday deals and offers, special coupons for customers, reviews from real customers for all the products, fast delivery and 24/7 customer support – if it’s not the reason we have no idea what else can be!

Aliexpress is highly welcomed by Indonesian families, and it’s popularity is going to grow in the future. Want to get your share from Aliexpress sales? We got you! Join Indoleads right now, sign up for Aliexpress Affiliate Program and start your earning journey!

Aliexpress commission from 3% to 9%

5. Adidas Affiliate Program

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Adidas is a world known sports brand originally born in Germany, but then turned into a multinational corporation. It’s broad and diverse product portfolio features both the Sport Performance and Sport Inspired categories: from professional sports equipment for athletes to sports clothing for everyone and every sport or dancing activity out there. No wonder almost everyone knows that at Adidas you can purchase the most comfortable, durable and fashionable outfits and sneakers for both high-activity training and just everyday life. 

Here one can shop for amazing sportswear for the whole family: clothing, sneakers, hats, accessories – everything to lead a healthy lifestyle and to stay stylish! No wonder so many celebrities wear Adidas and promote their products on social media. Adidas is all about looking fabulous both in the gym and in the streets.

Adidas is loved by Indonesians and is highly popular here. Get your commission for driving sales to Adidas with Indoleads! How? Just sign up for Adidas right now!

Adidas commission 6%

6. LookFantastic Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 08 30 at 22.50.54

LookFantastic is widely known mostly by the female audience. It is Europe’s number one online premium beauty retailer and an ultimate destination for all beauty needs. This online store specializes in taking world-famous beauty brands direct to consumers across the globe. 

LookFantastic gives access to the world of the most trendy and popular beauty brands. All the products are 100% authentic as they partner only with the official brands suppliers. What can you purchase here? All beauty gems: luxury skincare, haircare and makeup products. They offer over 22,000 products as well as complimentary worldwide shipping to over 200 countries.  This store has become the online partner of choice for many leading brands including MAC, Kérastase and Yves Saint Laurent.

With a portfolio of over 660 premium brands onsite, revenue share grow 40% year on year in the last 4 years, LookFantastic is one of the most successful beauty websites globally. 

Nowadays LookFantastic isn’t only about huge brands, they’ve also started offering more clean, vegan and organic beauty brands to suit every individual beauty need and concern.

Women in Indonesia love staying beautiful and glowy, that’s why LookFantastic Affiliate Program is exactly what you need in your affiliate portfolio. Join LookFantastic Affiliate offer here and earn commission with every sale your users complete.

LookFantastic commission from 1,6% to 12%

7. Fiverr Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 08 30 at 22.52.10

Fiverr is an online platform for freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide. Freelance job opportunities are highly sought these days, taking into consideration the pandemic and the number of people looking for a side hustle. Here everyone can register in a couple of minutes, offer their services and expertises, connect with companies and individuals seeking for these particular skills and get a job right away. It’s easy and it’s totally safe. The platform guarantees that a freelancer gets paid and that a customer will get the needed job done. 

Here professionals in different areas offer expertises in a variety of fields: programming, design, copywriting, translating, marketing research, teaching and many more. Customers get their projects done by people whose achievements are proved by relevant work experience as well as education certificates. 

Fiverr Affiliate Program is perfect for a very wide range of audience: we all from time to time search for designers, copywriters, programmers, and so do thousands of Indonesians. Join Indoleads and sign up for Fiverr Affiliate Program right now!

Fiverr commission from $9 to $60

8. DHGate Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 08 30 at 22.53.09

DHGate is another e-commerce giant marketplace from China that offers manufactured products from suppliers to customers all over the world. It is a highly popular AliExpress alternative and is used by many dropshippers. Both DHGate and AliExpress offer the same products, so customers often compare prices to get the most profit.

DHGate offers over 10 million products from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other Central Asian countries. It lists products from all categories including: Electronics, Smartphones and Computers, Mens and Womens Clothes, Watches & Jewelry, Toys & Hobbies, Home & Beauty, Outdoor & Sports and many more. Usually delivery time of DHGate is quite the same with Aliexpress.

Some customers like DHGate for its payment options. Here one can use PayPal – the most preferred payment option for most shoppers.

We highly recommend promoting both Aliexpress and DHGate, as these two marketplaces offer very similar selections of goods and generally on quite the same conditions, so your audience will definitely love both of them. Sign up at Indoleads and earn a commission with every sale from DHGate! 

DHGate commission from 3% to 15%

9. Jazeera Airways Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 08 30 at 22.54.14

Jazeera Airways is a Kuwaiti airline with its head office on the grounds of Kuwait International Airport in Kuwait. It operates scheduled services in the Middle East, India, Sri Lanka and Europe. This offer is for all those who travel: for work, for fun, regularly or just once in a while. 

From its hub at Kuwait International Airport (KWI) the airline flies to six cities in Egypt, two in Syria and one destination each in Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. Jazeera Airways owns eight Airbus A320 aircraft. Some are configured with a single Economy Class cabin, while others have both Business Class and Economy Class seating. Business Class passengers have dedicated check-in counters, higher baggage allowances and free airport lounge access, among other amenities.

This airways company is already loved by thousands of people and we bet your audience will love it too! Join Indoleads and sign up for Jazeera Airways Affiliate Program!

Jazeera Airways commission 2,5%

10. Lightinthebox Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 08 30 at 22.55.10

Lightinthebox is a leading global online retailer offering more than 50 000 quality products to customers in more than 160 countries. The store offers a huge range of products in almost all possible categories from apparel to electronics. Here the whole family will find something they are interested in: women’s, men’s and children’s clothing; shoes, jewelry and watches; makeup, hair extensions and nail polish; costumes, board games, puzzles and dolls; home decor, wall art and textiles; gardening tools and patio accessories; security devices; auto parts; laptops, cell phones, tablet cases and wireless chargers.

Lightinthebox frequently hosts flash sales on its site, and users can always shop the “Under $9.99” category, and the company updates this section with new products weekly. Additionally, there are regular sales on the website and special deals for app users.

Want to get a share from Lightinthebox sales? It’s easy! Just sign up for Lightinthebox Affiliate Program and start earning!

Lightinthebox commission from 9% to 13%

Hold on! Actually this is not all. We have prepared for you two bonus affiliate programs that convert just amazingly. Take a look!

11. Canva Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 08 30 at 22.56.19

Canva is a graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content. Canva offers hundreds of amazing ready-to-use templates for any digital purpose. The platform has free and paid plans like Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise for additional functionality. Users can also pay for physical products to be printed and shipped. 

Nowadays everything is about design: no matter what your business does, the first thing customers see is your logo or your social media page. That’s the reason why digital designers are so much needed and have quite high salaries. However with Canva you don’t need a designer, what you need is to sign up for their professional version and enjoy all the benefits of having a “designer” who doesn’t need a salary.

Canva Affiliate Program is for a very wide range of audience: entrepreneurs, individuals, small businesses. It is tailored for everyone’s design needs. So don’t hesitate! Join Indoleads, sign up for Canva, start promoting Canva products and earn your commission easily!

Canva commission from 20% to 80%

12. Wish Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2021 08 30 at 22.57.18

Wish is an increasingly popular online shopping service. If you ever wanted to purchase a smartwatch or a pair of sneakers for under $10, now’s your chance with Wish, the discount store of the web. So what is Wish? Wish is an online marketplace for anything you can imagine. From hair extensions to selfie lighting, and laptops, its goods selection seems endless.

Browsing Wish is like browsing a store from an alternate universe. With cell phones for $30, and some items even sold for free! The goods have such low prices here because all of them are imported directly from Chinese suppliers. Wish products are often shipped by the seller, saving them from maintaining a physical store. The products can also be stored in warehouses owned by Wish and get shipped as soon as a customer places an order.

So are you still wondering why Wish is so popular? Just sign up for Wish Affiliate Program at Indoleads and get your share from Wish’s profit!

Wish commission up to 1,5%

All these high-converting affiliate offers can make your website get you that passive income everyone is dreaming about these days. 

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