The Best Affiliate Programs in Spain for 2022

Published : 18 Apr 2022   author : Irina

Spain is definitely one of the countries with a rapidly developing affiliate marketing industry. Stay with us and you will learn the best affiliate programs in Spain for 2022.

Why Spain?           

The population of Spain is very much into Internet. The country features a high number of mobile devices users, coming in at 93.6% of the population. The global pandemic in 2020 saw purchases on smartphones increase by 10%, with over 800,000 new online shoppers during the first lockdown. Internet penetration in Spain stood at 91.0% in January 2021. The number of social media users in Spain was equivalent to 80.0% of the total population in January 2021. With this number of netizens and social media users, affiliate marketers have all the chances for successful monetization. 

Affiliate marketing growth in Spain

Spain was one of the countries where eCommerce was boosted by the pandemic and as a consequence affiliate marketing began flourishing too. 2020 has become a milestone for eCommerce in Spain. Year-over-year boost in spending reached 20%, making it the third most significant rise globally, surpassing other European countries. The peak of growth was during the first COVID-19 lockdown with a surge in new advertisers placing offerings on online marketplaces. Online acceleration also drove new affiliate sign-ups to hit record highs of 72%. During the pandemic, affiliates with a Spanish audience saw a 267% spike in commission.

Considering the current economic situation, Spain is on track to evolve further in the eСommerce space. Record numbers of new shoppers, a 10% increase in purchases using smartphones, rising average order values, and new financing options all indicate future growth. With further Internet and mobile penetration, Spain looks set to flourish in a post-COVID-19 world.

The best Affiliate Programs for Spanish audience

1. MADE Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 04 15 at 11.22.54 is originally a British brand that designs and retails innovative homewares and furniture. It was launched in March 2010 in London, and now operates in many European countries, including Spain. Its products appeal to Spanish millennials, and the company already collaborates with Spanish designers including Casa Estudio and Nelson Ruis Acai. cuts out the middleman and links consumers directly with the designers. This allows the company to provide high quality, made to order, cool designed furniture straight to consumers at low prices. The company sells all of its products straight through the web and showrooms or warehouses, which reduces waste and surplus stock. The business also groups its orders together, combining all requests for the same piece and putting them into production every seven days. Using the aforementioned techniques the company sells its products at great reductions with its furniture typically priced 70 – 85% lower than its high street competitors. collaborates with the best independent designers and makers. Working with highly skilled experts, they create quality pieces that’ll last for years to come. 

Start promoting MADE right now! You can sign up here.

Payout: 10%

2. MiCuento Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 04 15 at 11.21.19

MiCuento is an online platform that enables its users to customize and purchase hardcover books. These books can be personalized content and pictures. Once customized, the books will be delivered to them.

MiCuento was born with the purpose of generating love for reading and writing among children. It is a publishing house that accompanies children (and adults) to empower them to embody their imagination through personalized stories. Reading is a key to children’s education and culture. From the infant stage, the taste for reading and for books should be instilled through stories according to kids’ age and needs. Children learn by imitation, and there is no better way for them to learn about themselves than by becoming the protagonists of fantastic stories. 

MiCuento also publishes all kinds of stories with personalized illustrations: the company offers a wide variety of illustrations so that both children and adults can feel represented. They also publish books in editions adapted for readers with dyslexia, in collaboration with Change Dyslexia. MiCuento is a pioneer in personalized audio stories, an innovative and accessible way to experience reading. 

This affiliate program is an amazing choice if your audience has kids. Sign up here for MiCuento offer.  

Payout: 11.50%

3. Lastminute Affiliate program

Screenshot 2022 04 15 at 13.25.48

Lastminute is the UK’s leading online travel and leisure retailer with over 1.65 million visitors per week. The company was founded in 1998 and has become a number one choice for millions of travelers. The company offers customers the best ways to make the most of their free time: amazing deals on hotels, city breaks, flights, holiday theater tickets and spa for everyone. Here anyone can plan an exotic escape to any country, or enjoy a great night out in their hometown, 

all crazy plans at the last minute – it’s absolutely possible with Lastminute. They offer customers travel, lifestyle and gift possibilities at great value prices: flights, tickets, hotels and more through a one stop shop.

Still wondering why to promote Lastminute? Don’t hesitate! Pandemic is already towards its end, and people are getting back to traveling. Now so many people are already browsing websites planning their trips, that’s why you should start promoting Lastminute right now! Sign up here.

Payout: 2.00-8.69%

4. Etihad Airways Affiliate Program – Exclusive offer 

Screenshot 2022 04 15 at 15.21.56

Etihad Airways is the second-largest airway in the UAE, with 40 destinations in the Middle East, Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, North and South America. It is the second-largest airline in the UAE after Emirates. The airline operates more than 1,000 flights per week to over 120 passenger and cargo destinations. Booking here has a lot of benefits: it’s fee-free; there are flexible payment options; passengers are free to change their flight if they need it and can book and manage their flight anytime, anywhere.   

Etihad Airways’ sophisticated fleet of aircraft represents the ultimate in performance and operational efficiency. From cargo aircraft to the new-generation Boeing 787, the Etihad fleet is one of the most advanced in the world. On board, all passengers experience comfort and leading hospitality, with cleverly designed seats, the latest entertainment and mouth-watering food.

This exclusive affiliate program from Etihad Airways will be perfect if your audience loves traveling. Hurry up and sign up right now, because tourism season is already around the corner!

Payout: 2%

5. RUMBO Affiliate Program

Screenshot 2022 04 15 at 15.58.08

Rumbo is a Spanish online service for booking flights, hotels and tours all over the world. Born in 2000, Rumbo provides tickets from all the airline companies (including low-cost airlines), hotels from all over the world, train tickets, dynamic and tour-operated holiday packages, cruises and car hire, among others. Innovative technology and quality in the customer care service provided have been the two basic foundations of the platform’s success.

Rumbo is part of the Lastminute group, a European leader in the online travel and leisure industry. Here anyone can search, book and manage flights, hotels, holidays, city breaks, cruises, car hire as well as other travel and leisure related products.

There are so many positive reviews about Rumbo’s work, because the platform finds the best travel routes at the best prices, and here anyone can plan a vacation or a business trip in just a few clicks. 

The link for the Rumbo Affiliate Program is here.

Payout:  1.56-8.70%

Wrapping it Up

Spain is a country with high potential in affiliate marketing. Here on Indoleads you can find hundreds of offers for the Spanish audience. We collaborate with prominent companies with high commissions, and many of them work exclusively with us, that’s why becoming an Indoeads affiliate will give you access to the most converting offers out there.

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