Push Ads Traffic in 2021: All You Need to Know About It

Published : 16 Sep 2019   author : Indoleads Bot

Push traffic is a new format of advertisement that is rapidly gaining popularity. There have already been many cases of people gaining much profit from using it. It is already sending a wave through the affiliate marketing world.

New traffic sources are now selling push traffic and affiliate marketers are taking advantage of it by joining early and getting lots of traffic at a cheap price.

What is Push Notifications?

Even though this term may still new to you. But you have definitely encounter and seen one. Push traffic is a small notification that popup on your computer or phone. Very common on Android and iPhones. Computers are getting in on the gig fast.

You must have noticed that when you visit a website on your phone or computer, you get a notification asking you to allow or block messages from the site. If you accept the request, you will begin receiving push notifications from that site.

There are millions of users who have accepted the push notification request. So, affiliate marketers are using this as an advantage to advertise using push traffic. The ads are sent straight to the faces of the audience and they have no other option but to interact with it.

What niches are better to promote with push?

It is difficult to tell which niches work better with push traffic because it is not possible to narrow targeting. It all depends on the kind of traffic itself or the source. This will indicate if the offers will do well or bad. Some of the most promising niches to use push notification:



In the digital age, most of our interactions with others happen on the Internet. Life is busy, which can be a problem when it comes to dating. Given the importance we attach to online social interactions, it is not surprising that online dating is one of the biggest niches. Many people are willing to spend hundreds of dollars a year on membership in dating sites. So, you will be able to reach those millions faster by using push notifications.



Sweepstakes include iPhone, TV, travel, voucher, and everything that people want to get for free. Usually, users are asked to enter a name, email address, or credit card information. 2016 was an explosive year for sweepstakes, most of which were spinning on pop traffic. This vertical is especially good – you don’t need to set up detailed targeting, everyone wants a free phone.



When people find out that they can win huge amounts on a small bet, they constantly look for online casinos to become rich. The gambling niche has received a lot of positive results and great interest in recent years.



Like online dating, Adult promotes products and services that revolve around romantic online interactions. However, this is a lot less PG than online dating. The adult industry costs about $ 100 billion, which means that it requires a ton of advertising. This vertical is competitive and you will stand a chance by using push notifications.

The best thing to do is to test your landing pages and creatives with other traffic sources, then start using push notifications for them and do more testing. Make sure you change the messages on a regular basis as they may become boring with time.


Benefits of using Push notifications

1.They have a high open-rate when compared to other forms of adverts. And they are prioritized over other notifications.

2.Millions of people all over the world are subscribed to push notifications. This means that you can reach a wide range of users.

3.They have a lower cost.

4.It is very simple and convenient to format. All the information you need is the subject, description, and image.

5.It is easy to personalize because you can schedule the notifications to fit the users’ activities.

6.That is you can schedule the notifications to pop-up when the user is free and has time to check it.

7.It eliminates fake traffic and bots. Push traffic is from real people only.

Push technology is very beneficial to the affiliate marketer in that they can monetize different offers. All you need is to send a push notification with the link to your landing page.


Principles of Push notification traffic

To make sure that we are on the same page, let’s roll back from the top. A visitor lands on your page and he/she is greeted by a pop-up message asking if they want to receive notifications from your site. If they click yes, they will be added to your contact list. This will permit you to send them notifications whenever necessary.

It is the same principle as building an email list, just less complicated. The pop-up message is automatically created by a third-party software so you do not need to create an opt-in form. Also, the creation of a lead magnet is unnecessary here since the subscribers are opting for the notifications.

Each push notification has 3 basic parts:

The text – This is the message you will be sent to your subscribers. So, if I send out an advertisement, the text will be a title and short summary.

The image – Push notifications may have images associated with them. The image is likely to cause more people to click on the notification.

The link – Each push notification should have a link to your landing page. Your ultimate goal is to send people to your landing page.

You can also utilise push traffic for affiliate marketing and earn affiliate commission. To learn about how you can use push traffic with our affiliate programs, sign up today at Indoleads.com


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