TEMU Affiliate Program With Exclusive Terms on Indoleads

Published : 03 Nov 2023   author : Indoleads Bot

As an affiliate, you’re constantly looking for the best affiliate programs to make money with. TEMU is exactly what you need. Its affiliate program can become one of your most profitable ones, but wait! Don’t take our word for it. Let’s take a look at what TEMU and its affiliate program is all about.

TEMU, the most downloaded app in the US 

TEMU is an online marketplace, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. The marketplace connects consumers with millions of sellers, manufacturers and brands around the world, but mostly located in China. However, it’s not your usual marketplace. Even with its launch last year, it managed to become the 8th most downloaded app in the shopping category in the US that very same year! (Source: Apptopia) In September 2023 TEMU app hit 40.54 million downloads worldwide. (Source: Statista)

There are numerous product categories available on TEMU: clothing, shoes, accessories, homeware, electronics, etc. TEMU ships its products from a global network of suppliers and manufacturers, using experienced and reliable logistics partners, like UPS, FedEx, and USPS to ensure that all orders are delivered promptly and securely to customers.

The prices here start at as low as $0.26, and with discounts of up to 90% off during regular sales and big shopping events, such as Black Friday&Cyber Monday, there are plenty of lucrative deals to lure an online shopper with. 

About TEMU Affiliate Program

TEMU Affiliate Program is a highly popular eCommerce Affiliate Program (Payment Model: CPS) available at Indoleads affiliate network, which makes it possible for affiliates to make money by promoting TEMU’s products. This offer is for many GEOs, including the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and most European countries, meaning that the users you refer to should be from the above countries.

Is TEMU Affiliate Program legit?

In a nutshell, yes, it is! The marketplace sells a crazily wide range of products which are interesting for people of different ages in North America and Europe. Low prices, free shipping option and the best value for money – no wonder there is so much hype and buzz surrounding TEMU’s products. 

The affiliate program is available right now. You can join Indoleads, apply for this offer and upon approval, get access to it. Our affiliates already make money with TEMU, so there is no reason for you to stay suspicious.

How Much Does TEMU Affiliate Program Pay?

The program pays 15% for purchases made by a new user and 5% for purchases made by an existing customer. The fact that you get paid for the purchases from existing users is a huge advantage of the TEMU affiliate program on Indoleads compared to many other similar programs which focus solely on acquiring new customers. Keep reading to learn about all benefits of TEMU offer on Indoleads.

How much can you earn through TEMU Affiliate program?

The TEMU official website claims you can earn up to $100,000 per month. Our affiliates make different sums of money on it: starting from a couple of hundreds of dollars up to thousands of dollars per month. It all depends on the traffic sources you have and your marketing skills.

TEMU Affiliate Program on Indoleads vs. TEMU Official Affiliate Program 

Some of you might think: “Why should I join the TEMU affiliate program on Indoleads if there’s the same program on their official website?”.

Well, there are some advantages which you might find beneficial for you.

  • Commission for existing users 

After joining TEMU Affiliate Program on Indoleads you will get paid for the purchases of existing users, not just new ones. This is an EXCLUSIVE term which is granted only to Indoleads affiliates. Imagine how many users get back to marketplace to keep shopping, and you can get paid for them too!

  • Shorter hold period

Only on Indoleads the hold period for TEMU offer is exclusively 120 days, which is shorter than at other affiliate networks.

When you join Indoleads, you’re one step away from thousands of offers from world-known brands in 180+ countries.

How does TEMU affiliate program work and how to make money with it?

  1. Join Indoleads

Sign up on indoleads.com and after a quick moderation you will become our affiliate. Then you will have all high-ticket affiliate programs at your fingertips, including the one from TEMU. 

  1. Apply for the TEMU Affiliate Program

Apply for the TEMU Affiliate Program from your dashboard. Upon approval, you’ll get access to the affiliate program. Now you can generate your affiliate link and use provided promotional materials, such as banners and promo codes, to get things started.

  1. Promote TEMU’s products

Develop high-quality and engaging content around the products you’re promoting. This could be in the form of blog posts, product reviews, or other content that adds value to your audience. Integrate your affiliate links into the content you create. These links are unique to your affiliate account and track the traffic and sales generated through your promotions.

  1. Earn affiliate commission on sales

Each time a new or an existing user clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you’ll earn a commission on the sale. The more people buy from your affiliate links, the more you earn!

TEMU vs. other affiliate programs

Compared to other affiliate programs like Amazon Associates or Shein Affiliate Program, TEMU offers a competitive 5%-15% commission rate across all categories, so no matter what kind of product your user will purchase, you get either 5% or 15% depending only on if a user is a new or a returning one.  

Also, TEMU’s competitive prices make it a much more attractive shopping destination for a lot of budget-savvy users than well-known eCommerce giants, so as an affiliate marketer you have all the chances to attract a lot of users.

Considering how TEMU has burst onto the eCommerce scene like a bolt of lightning, there is no doubt that it’s going to expand even further. With such an active marketing strategy – just think about their $100 sign-up bonus – this marketplace has all the chances to make it really big. 

With that said, right now is the best time to start promoting TEMU while the interest to this marketplace is growing day by day.

TEMU Affiliate FAQ

1. TEMU Affiliate Program: Is it Worth It?

It is! If you have marketing channels – a website, an account on social media, or you’re good at other marketing promotions, you can make thousands of dollars per month by promoting TEMU to your audience.

2. Is TEMU Affiliate program available in all countries?

The TEMU Affiliate Program on Indoleads pays commission for the purchases made by users in the US, Canada, Australia, Mexico and most of European countries. Please check the affiliate program description for more details.  

3. How to withdraw affiliate commissions?

You can withdraw your earnings from TEMU affiliate program by accessing your billing profile on Indoleads and sending a withdrawal request. We have a variety of withdrawal options available for our affiliates, including crypto

eCPC – 0.0000$
Hold period – 120day(s)
Banners – Yes
Deeplinking – Yes
Promocodes – No
CR – 0%
Cookie lifetime – 1day(s)
Landing pages – Yes
XML/CSV feed – No