New offer Launched: StrmiX- Movies Streaming Affiliate Program

Published : 23 Apr 2020   author : Indoleads Bot
Strimix is a platform that helps people organize and create communities that share interests on particular subscription services, allowing them to make collective purchases with very aggressive discounts. It is focused on subscription businesses that have group subscriptions such as Spotify or that can simply be shared like Audible. Thus, they create an economic benefit for platform users and a tool that gives access to high quality services to all the population that could not previously afford them. Depending on the service and the size of the group purchasing they have obtained up to 75% reduction on the cost of existing services.
Users can propose new services, once a group is formed, Strimix negotiates discounts for platform users as a group. Users are also offered the possibility to sell spaces in their existing subscription services through the platform.
How many times you wanted to subscribe to some service, but eventually didn’t because the subscription fee was too high. Now, this problem is solved. Imagine, how many people would love to use such amazing service and get incredible discounts on widely used subscriptions. So, join Indoleads right now and share with your audience this great offer! 

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