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Published : 05 Nov 2021   author : Indoleads Bot

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What is Guitarpedia Affiliate Program 
Guitarpedia Affiliate Program is a popular CPA Affiliate Program. Guitarpedia was created in mid-July 2013 by Bruno Godinho (professional guitarist, music teacher with over 15 years of experience) and his great friend and music student Evandro Vuono. Months later, Marco Vieira, with a deep knowledge of technology and programming, joined to close and launch the site.
We offer structured courses for different student profiles. We believe that each individual has a different goal with music. For some, music is a hobby, an excellent pastime, mental hygiene. For others, music is their profession.

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Guitarpedia Online Music Teaching
The Guitarpedia website registered as : Guitapedia Internet Solutions LDTA, CPNJ 024.264.119/0001-30, offers online content specialized in music courses. Classes are exclusively prepared on video.

Each class has its own specific complementary material, such as scores, tablatures, figures, backing tracks, audio examples and bibliographical references. We offer music courses for all levels, from beginners, who are still going to buy their first instrument, to more advanced students, who are looking for improvement in the most varied musical genres. Our curriculum includes several subjects such as music history, technique, music theory, harmony, reading, rhythm, improvisation, among others. Our mission is to provide quality music courses, not just one-on-one lessons on disconnected subjects. With this in mind, we provide music students with everything they need in one place. We have a very talented group of instructors who are dedicated to helping others learn the art of not only playing an instrument, but also understanding, questioning, listening and making music. We hope your study will be fun and enjoyable, just as it is for us who work at Guitapedia!

Guitarpedia is a place where you can start learning to play an instrument “from scratch” or hone your musical skills and meet people with similar interests. We offer structured courses for different student profiles. We believe that each individual has a different goal with music. For some, music is a hobby, an excellent pastime, mental hygiene. For others, music is their profession. It can also become vital, an escape valve, or an object of study. We believe that a student’s learning curve is more effective when he studies according to his goals and aspirations. For this, we offer several courses, with different class schedules. The student can choose to join a certain course or simply take individual classes, of the most varied subjects, learn music of different styles etc. Guitarpedia also strives to inspire students to find their own musical style. To help you become a great musician, we have assembled a team of qualified instructors and professional musicians with high quality and experience in the most diverse musical genres.

Meet Guitarpedia
Guitarpedia comes to innovate the study of music in Brazil. In the traditional method of learning to play an instrument, most students have contact with only one teacher, who usually has mastery of one or a few musical styles/languages. At Guitarpedia, you have contact with countless teachers, each with their different styles, both in terms of playing and approaching a wide range of subjects. Guitarpedia lessons will provide you with a plethora of content that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. All time and distance issues are overcome. The best thing is, with Guitarpedia, you get it all for less than the cost of one private lesson a month!

The big problem with traditional video classes is the lack of contact with the teacher. But GuitarPedia solves this problem in several ways:

The first is by holding live online classes/conferences by appointment with our teachers. This way you can consult and clarify your doubts. We also have a service for answering questions by message, always being answered quickly.

The second is how we produce our video lessons. First of all, all our instructors are professional musicians, graduated from the best music colleges and mostly work as music teachers. We don’t work with people who simply “play well” but aren’t sure what they say. In this way, we do the classes as if the teacher were face to face talking to the student, asking the student to perform such a task, repeat/play passages together with the teacher, etc.

The third way was to create an exclusive player for Guitarpedia. In it we have many features that make the student, after starting their class, no longer have the need to use the mouse. There are several keyboard shortcuts such as pausing, rewinding or fast-forwarding the video, increasing or decreasing volume etc. However, we believe that the most didactic feature is the possibility of creating loop points. Using the A and B keys during playback, the student establishes two points in the video. The video will keep repeating between these two points until the student interrupts it and continues watching the class. In this way, it is possible for the student to repeat and play excerpts from the class with the teacher, watch the same excerpt of an explanation or pay attention to details, all of this as many times as they want and for as long as the student wishes!

Guitarpedia is in the process of building its services. This moment is very important to us. We are committed to creating the best online study platform so that you can learn music practically and quickly, whenever and wherever you want. For this, we would like to know your opinion about our classes and what you are most eager to learn. Therefore, criticism and suggestions are more than welcome. We will do regular surveys with our users so that Guitarpedia material always serves as many people as possible. Many news will come as online classes and special courses, wait!
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