New offer Launched: Groupon Affiliate Program

Published : 25 Nov 2021   author : Indoleads Bot

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What is Groupon Affiliate Program
Groupon Affiliate Program is a popular Affiliate Program. Groupon is an American global eCommerce marketplace connecting subscribers with local merchants by offering activities, travel, goods and services in 15 countries. Here one can find amazing deals for restaurants, cafes, fitness centers, schools, master classes, online stores and so on. Anyone can try, taste or learn something new. If your audience loves trying new things, traveling or learning, you should definitely show them the Groupon Affiliate Offer. Joining Groupon Affiliate Program, lets your visitors access one of the best coupon marketplaces. Earn Groupon Affiliate Commission and start monetizing your traffic!
About Groupon
Groupon is an American global eCommerce marketplace connecting buyers with local merchants by offering activities, travel, goods and services. Based in Chicago, Groupon was launched there in November 2008, launching soon after in Boston, New York City and Toronto. By October 2010, Groupon was available in 150 cities in North America and 100 cities in Europe, Asia and South America, and had 35 million registered users. By the end of March 2015, Groupon served more than 500 cities worldwide, nearly 48.1 million active customers and featured more than 425,000 active deals globally in 48 countries.
The idea of the company was based on getting a discount by group buying a product or a service.The first company Point was intended to organize people around some sort of cause or goal. Born from The Point, Groupon was launched in November 2008. The name for the E-Commerce platform, Groupon is a portmanteau of “group” and “coupon”. Groupon’s first deal was a two-pizzas-for-the-price-of-one offer at Motel Bar, a restaurant on the first floor of its building in Chicago.
Groupon offers coupons, cashback on purchases and group deals to consumers. The idea of Groupon is simple: they collaborate with numerous local businesses and provide time limited deals for buying some products or services. The prices for products and activities are reduced because there are thousands of people who buy these deals at once, and the merchants get the profit. Restaurants, retailers, and manufacturers use Groupon deals in an effort to lure customers into their establishments or to purchase their products.
Unlike a standard coupon, a groupon lets consumers pay the discounted price for goods in advance by purchasing the deal. The average groupon grants a 15% to 30% discount, but it can be as high as 90%. For example, a merchant may offer $50 worth of food for $35 or a $200 spa package for $90.
Here one can buy beauty and spa procedures, activities, tours, tickets for events, dinners and drinks at restaurants, bars and cafes, fitness centres visits, online courses and much more. Millions of people use Groupon to experience something new, be it a new restaurant or a new physical activity. Groupon makes it possible to try something new at a very affordable price.
Groupon is great for saving on going out, visiting new gyms or trying new experiences. Groupon Affiliate Program is a great solution for all those who want to try new things, visit new places and stay on a budget. Groupon Affiliate Offer is a great choice for you as a publisher. Just sign up at Indoleads and start earning real money with our amazing offers! For more affiliate programs like Groupon, visit Indoleads Affiliate Program Marketplace.
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