New offer Launched: Drakemall Affiliate Program

Published : 25 Feb 2020   author : Indoleads Bot
What if someone told you that you can buy the new iPhone X in less than $50? It seems to be unbelievable, but Drakemall has such incredible offers and they are genuine and authentic. Drakemall is an online e-commerce website launched in 2017. Using this service you can purchase a plethora of items: from electronic gadgets to the regular trendy stuff, it has it all for you! But does not this sound like a typical normal online store? What is the thing that makes this project so unique? Well, the thing that makes it unique and stand out of the crowd is it special case opening. The special case opening is also known as the mystery box opening. These mystery boxes basically are a set of items that are categorized under a plethora of themes. This means that one can choose any mystery box under any theme one likes.  Every item contained in these boxes bears a special, and a unique number. Once a lootbox is chosen, the system randomly picks up an item number and gives out it to you. And that thing is your prize!
Using this feature one can get hands on valuable items at a very low price (starting from 1 dollar). And the best part about this feature is that to avail this opportunity you do not have to fulfil hectic prerequisites.  All you need to do is register by depositing the required money, and fill out the delivery form. You can also pay via the DrakeMall Gift cards.
This amazing offer is a great opportunity, grab it now! Join Indoleads today and start earning!

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