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Published : 09 Dec 2021   author : Indoleads Bot
What is DFDS Affiliate Program
DFDS Affiliate Program is a popular Travel Affiliate Program. DFDS is a Danish international shipping and logistics company. It is the busiest shipping company of its kind in Northern Europe and one of the busiest in Europe. On DFDS website anyone can book a ferry trip for themselves or a shipping service for transferring a vehicle by the ferry. If your audience lives in Europe, you should definitely show them DFDS Affiliate Offer. Joining DFDS Affiliate Program, lets your visitors access one of the best ferry companies and freight services in Europe. Earn DFDS Affiliate Commission and start monetizing your traffic!
About DFDS
On DFDS website anyone can book a ticket for themselves to the ferry as well as a freight service for their vehicle. One can travel with their vehicle: a car, motorbike or motorhome. The convenient calculator on the website makes it possible to choose the date, the type of vehicle and the destination. There are ferries to France, Norway, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, UK, Baltic countries.
DFDS has a glorious history behind. The company was founded in Denmark in 1866 as a merger of the three biggest Danish steamship companies under the leadership of the famous Danish financier. Operations began in 1867 with 19 ships with Copenhagen as the main starting point. The company’s routes at the time were from Denmark to Norway, the Baltic, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Iceland and The Faeroe Islands, with ships carrying both freight and passengers. As the company grew, new connections were opened to Sweden, France, the Mediterranean and Black Sea, as well as North America and South America. In addition, DFDS operated various domestic services in Denmark. After continued expansion of the fleet in the 1880s, DFDS became one of the world’s ten largest ship-owning companies.
DFDS has been using an innovative approach since the very beginning. DFDS created a sensation when they launched the world’s first motor-driven short-sea passenger ship in 1925, from Helsingørs Jernskibs og Maskinbyggeri A/S.
In 1950, DFDS was one of the first to introduce a door-to-door solution. Two ships were specially designed to transport small wooden containers. DFDS commenced a new service, linking Danish mainland to Greenland. This was discontinued in 1959. In 1957, Nordana Line – cargo service Gulf of Mexico-Mediterranean – began. For the first time in DFDS’s history, the company played the role of cross-trader.
In 1989-1990, the tonnage on the Oslo—Copenhagen route was renewed with the entering into service in June 1990 of Queen Of Scandinavia, a ship with a capacity of 2,000 passengers and 400 cars. Queen was followed, in 1994, by Crown Of Scandinavia, with a similar capacity.
DFDS Seaways is the shipping division of DFDS A/S operating a network of 25 shipping routes with 50 freight and passenger ships on the North Sea, Baltic Sea and the English Channel. DFDS Logistics operates land transport and logistics activities including the former DFDS Lys Line and DFDS Container Line. Below is an overview of the shipping activities that are integrated in the DFDS Group.
Nowadays DFDS is one of the biggest shipping companies in Northern Europe and one of the biggest in Europe. DFDS Affiliate Program is a great solution for all those who travel for fun or for business, prefer ferries and want to take their vehicle with themselves. Travelling by ferry is very popular in Europe, and taking a vehicle on a ferry is a great solution for thousands of travellers.
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