New offer Launched: Danta Herbs Affiliate Program

Published : 09 Jul 2021   author : Indoleads Bot
What is Danta Herbs Affiliate Program
Danta Herbs Affiliate Program is a popular Ecommerce Affiliate Program. Danta Herbs is a premium tea store from India. The company is located in the best tea growing tea region in India – Darjeeling District, having access to the premium tea gardens and their exclusive teas. That’s why they specialise in the best Indian tea directly from the source. Who doesn’t love a good cup of tea? We are sure your audience would definitely appreciate Danta Herbs Offer. Joining Danta Herbs Affiliate Program, lets your visitors access one of the best tea stores. Earn Danta Herbs Affiliate Commission and start monetizing your website.
About Danta Herbs
Danta Herbs is a tightly knitted tea community. They treat their customers with exclusive teas from premium select tea estates. These estates are known for their quality and ethical practices, as their team chooses only the ones which meet the highest standards. Danta Herbs ensures that their customers will enjoy every sip of tea. Danta in Sanskrit means calm, so the company wants to deliver that peace of mind through their variety of teas. They provide their customers with that authentic tea experience they are entitled to.
Danta Herbs provides freshly packed tea, directly from the farm. They source the teas during the peak of the tea season and ensure that the leaves are fresh while focusing on the taste, aroma and appearance of the tea. So the customers get the freshest tea possible. They try to source their teas within 7 days of production from the garden. As soon as the tea reaches the warehouse, it is vacuum packed and preserved in cold storage. So when customers receive their order, you can feel the freshness as soon as they open the pack. It is fresh, full of flavour and aromatic: giving the feeling of drinking it in a tea valley. Danta Herbs teas are made of full leaves and not broken ones as so many other stores do nowadays. Loose leaf tea contains more flavour and is richee health benefits than dust or broken grade tea.
All the tea and ingredients sourced go through strict quality checks before they enter the warehouse. It is done to make sure that their tea meets strict quality measures and their customers have a high quality tea experience. Danta Herbs makes hand sorted and hand blended teas. They are delicately gathered and have that unique flavour which makes anyone feel relaxed after a long hard working day. They are made in small batches to obtain perfection. Small batches help maintain unique tastes and flavours.
It usually takes around 4-6 months , before the tea reaches retail shelves for the consumer to buy. This reduces the overall quality of the tea. With Danta Herbs’ Pluck To Cup initiative they are able to cut that process to 7 days. So their customers’ tea tastes like it was produced yesterday.
Danta Herbs provides a wide range of artisanal blends. Made by their in-house artisanal tea blenders from over 75+ natural ingredients, Danta Herbs’ blends are delicately crafted to enhance one’s tea experience. One can enjoy Danta Herbs loose leaf tea in Pyramid tea bags too. Tea bags come in handy when we are looking for a quick cup of tea. The pyramid shape helps to hold more quantities of tea and thus keeps the flavour longer.
Danta Herbs tea is assured of high quality. We check everything thoroughly, ensuring the purity of the tea. With our strict quality standards we ensure that the quality of tea is maintained. Tea is kept safely away from sunlight, moisture, heat and oxygen which deteriorate its quality. We bet your audience will be happy to see this offer. Ready to promote Danta Herbs? Just join Indoleads and start earning like a pro! For more affiliate programs like Danta Herbs, visit Indoleads Affiliate Program Marketplace.
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