New offer Launched: Credicard Affiliate Program

Published : 30 Mar 2022   author : Indoleads Bot

What is Credicard Affiliate Program 

Credicard Affiliate Program is a popular Financial Affiliate Program. Credicard is a  financial product provided by Rede S.A. and Itau Unibanco. If your audience is in Brazil and they’re interested in financial products, Credicard Affiliate Offer is for you. Joining the Credicard Affiliate Program, lets your visitors access the best credit cards services. Earn a Credicard Commission and start monetizing your traffic!

About Credicard 

Credicard history dates back to 1970, when Citibank, who is among the largest financial institutions and credit card issuers worldwide, along with Banco Itaú and Unibanco (currently Itau Unibanco), who are among the largest financial institutions and credit card issuers in Brazil, gathered to found Credicard. Credicard’s activities included those of a credit card brand, an issuer and a merchant acquirer and payment processor.

By 1980, Credicard had issued 500,000 cards and affiliated 120,000 merchants. In 1987, Credicard began issuing Mastercard branded cards and, by 1994, it had issued 5 million cards. During that same year, Credicard launched the first debit card in the Brazilian market, Redeshop, which allowed merchants to receive payment for their sales on the first business day after the transaction, following the charge to the cardholder’s account by the issuer.

In 1996, Citibank, Itaucard and Unibanco believed it was necessary to have a company specialized in merchant acquiring and payment processing and founded Rede as Redecard by spinning off Credicard’s merchant acquiring and payment processing activities. In that same year, Mastercard International also became a shareholder of Rede. Since then, Rede has been the main merchant acquirer and payment processor for Mastercard and Diners Club International branded credit and debit cards in Brazil.

Since its formation, Rede was the leader of the Redecard Consortium. The corporate purposes of the Redecard Consortium, which was incorporated according to Brazilian Corporate Law, were the same as the ones Redecard currently pursues: affiliating merchants to accept credit and debit cards, and capturing, transmitting, processing and settling transactions carried out with Mastercard and Diners Club International credit and debit cards in Brazil. The members of the Rede Consortium included the controlling shareholders and Redecard itself. The assets held by Redecard Consortium were fully transferred to Rede.

As the leader of the Redecard Consortium, Rede performed and carried out all the activities necessary for the development of the Redecard Consortium. The results of Redecard Consortium were distributed according to the share of each consortium member in its revenues and certain revenues and expenses were shared by the consortium members in the same proportion as their respective shareholdings in Redecard, in accordance with criteria defined in the consortium formation contract.

Benefits of using Credicard

  • Credicard is an innovative financial product with no annual fees forever

  • Digital Account with Pix, integrated into the card 

  • Two virtual cards: one recurring, and one temporary, for one-off purchases

  • Discounts and bonuses from partners depending on the type of card: card for gamers, card for movie fans, card for social expenses.

Why you should sign up for Credicard Affiliate Program 

Credicard is a series of credit cards provided by Rede S.A. and Itau Unibanco in Brazil. These credit cards are highly popular among Brazilians. Credicard Affiliate Program is a great program if your audience is interested in financial solutions. Credicard Affiliate Offer is a brilliant choice for you as a publisher. Just sign up at Indoleads and start earning real money with our amazing offers! For more affiliate programs like Credicard, visit Indoleads Affiliate Program Marketplace.

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