New offer Launched: Clean Email Affiliate Program

Published : 30 Nov 2021   author : Indoleads Bot
What is Clean Email Affiliate Program
Clean Email Affiliate Program is a popular Software Affiliate Program. Clean Email is an innovative service which provides the best privacy-oriented email cleaner and organizer that empowers users to unsubscribe from emails and take full control of their inbox. If your audience uses Internet and email providers on a daily basis, you should definitely show them the Clean Email Affiliate Offer. Joining the Clean Email Affiliate Program, lets your visitors access one of the best services to keep email clean and organized. Earn a Clean Email Affiliate Commission and start monetizing your traffic!
About Clean Email
Clean Email was founded in 2016 and since then the company has served hundreds of thousands of users. The goal of Clean Email is to help users manage their emails more efficiently and save time for what really matters. Clean Email helps users manage their mailbox overloaded with unread and unwanted emails more efficiently — while keeping the data safe and respecting privacy of users.
Clean Email is the best privacy-oriented email cleaner and organizer that empowers users to unsubscribe from emails and take full control of their inbox. It relies on powerful rules and filters to efficiently segment all emails in a mailbox into relevant groups, allowing users to quickly identify useful emails and clean up inbox from ones a user doesn’t need in just a few clicks.
The service enables users to:
delete, move, archive and label large groups of email all at once
block senders
quickly organize all the emails into easy-to-review bundles to simplify email management
save emails to read later
automate management of numerous email repetitive tasks
check if an email address has been compromised
The unique features of Clean Email make it possible to keep email under control. The Unsubscriber feature to make sure that unwanted newsletters and promotional emails will not show up in the user’s inbox anymore. A user can check out all their subscriptions in one place and opt out from any of them with a few clicks with the Clean Email unsubscribe email app. With the Read later feature, a user can get a regular summary of emails in the ‘Read Later’ folder. Quick Clean combines emails from all over an mailbox into a screen with easy-to-select actions to be applied, so a user can clean their Inbox the fastest way.
Smart Views makes it possible to segment a mailbox using rules and filters. One can do any actions with groups of emails using this email cleaner app instead of picking them one-by-one. Emails matching the rule a user sets can be automatically removed, archived, moved, or labeled as they arrive in the future. Automatizing repetitive tasks to organize a mailbox saves time.
Clean Email allows users to block unwanted senders and to make sure that emails selected will never reach their inbox again.Clean Email now searches across multiple data breaches and checks if your email address has been compromised, so users can take timely steps to protect their data. Because we care.
For Clean Email, users’ privacy is priority. They don’t analyze or sell their users’ data. This service is cloud-based so it works with every email service and any app across a user’s phone, tablet, or computer including: Gmail and GSuite, iCloud, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, Office 365, AOL, Fastmail, GMX Mail, any IMAP account and more! The service is available as an app for macOS, iPhone, iPad and also as a web version.
Clean Email is one of the best cloud-based services for organizing email mailboxes. Clean Email Affiliate Program is an excellent solution for all those who use email regularly. Clean Email Affiliate Offer is a brilliant choice for you as a publisher. Just sign up at Indoleads and start earning real money with our amazing offers! For more affiliate programs like Clean Email, visit Indoleads Affiliate Program Marketplace.
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