New offer Launched: Bisleri Affiliate Program

Published : 01 Dec 2021   author : Indoleads Bot

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What is Bisleri Affiliate Program
Bisleri Affiliate Program is a popular eCommerce Affiliate Program. Bisleri is an Indian brand of bottled water with 122 operational plants in India and a network of 4500 distributors and 5,000 distribution trucks. The company conducts business across India and neighbouring countries. If your audience orders water online for home or office, they will find Bisleri Affiliate Offer extremely useful. Joining Bisleri Affiliate Program, lets your visitors access one of the best bottled water stores in India. Earn Bisleri Affiliate Commission and start monetizing your traffic!
About Bisleri
Bisleri water has been a symbol of goodness, trust and purity for decades. A leader in its category, it’s the most trusted brand of mineral water in India. Having a strong presence, with 122 operational plants (13 owned) and a strong distribution network of 4500 Distributors and 5000 Distribution trucks across India and neighbouring countries, Bisleri stands true to its promise of providing safe, pure & healthy mineral water to consumers for the last 50 years.
Bisleri was founded by an Italian businessman, inventor and chemist – Signor Felice Bisleri. Bisleri was born on November 20, 1851, in Verolanuova. At first, Felice Bisleri developed Bisleri with the intention of an alcohol remedy that is made up of cinchona, herbs and iron salts. Rossi was a family doctor of  Felice Bisleri and both were very close family friends. But after the demise of Felice Bisleri on September 17, 1921, Dr Rossi became the owner of the Bisleri company.
Bisleri’s first water plant was set up in Thane, Mumbai in 1965. Rossi and his friends who helped him were declared mad because during that time selling water in India was nothing less than madness, but Rossi continued to start working on their plans and start producing the bottled water.
Bisleri entered the Indian market with Bisleri mineral water and Bisleri soda. In the early days of Bisleri in India, both products of Bisleri were limited only to the reach of the rich people and were available only in five-star hotels and expensive restaurants.The founders realised that access to the water only by rich people will not lead to the success they wanted to achieve, so the company gradually started taking its products to the common people.
Nowadays Bisleri has 122 operational plants, 4500 distributors and 5000 distribution trucks. At their website customers can purchase water in a variety of cans: from 250 ml bottles to 20 litre cans. In addition to Bisleri water, the company also sells Bisleri Vedica water and related water cans accessories and merchandise.
Placing an order here is really simple. Just select a product of your choice from a range of products, then select a plan – either a one-time delivery or subscription with Bisleri doorstep and avail discounts. The order will be delivered at your home doorstep.
Bisleri is the leader of the bottled water market in India. As the problem of access to clean water is pretty severe, a lot of people in India value pure and safe water from the Bisleri brand. Bisleri Affiliate Program is one of the most profitable programs if you have an Indian audience. Just sign up at Indoleads and start earning real money with our amazing offers! For more affiliate programs like Bisleri, visit Indoleads Platform.
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