New CPA RecargaPay Affiliate Program On Board

Published : 28 Feb 2019   author : Indoleads

How Can You Benefit from RecargaPay Brasil Affiliate Program?


We are glad to welcome our newest exclusive advertiser on board with Indoleads!

RecargaPay is the leading mobile payment wallet for personal use and for business in Brazil. It also is the 1 one app for mobile top-ups. In August of 2018, the company reached the mark of 10 million downloads on Android App Store. RecargaPay was the first Brazilian FinTech to achieve that.   

More than 1.000 bills can be paid on RecargaPay. Users can pay utility bills such as water, electricity, internet, gas, phone bills, and bank slips. There aren’t any extra fees to use this service.

RecargaPay is the one place for all types of payments.

The competitive conversion rates they offer are guaranteed to help you maximize your earnings. Pick up the offer today!

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BRL10.00 (≈USD 2.6)