CPS Affiliate Program

Published : 23 Jul 2018   author : Indoleads

How can you benefit from our Affiliate Program?

In order to become a member of our Affiliate Network, you simply need to register and choose from a list of offers those that suit your traffic best. Today we want to introduce you to an offer that makes traveling easy – This amazing ticket booking aggregator allows it’s customers to fly anywhere, any time without an internet connection with the help of their unique offline access feature that allows to get notifications, see boarding passes etc.

This straightforward service appeals to travelers who value their time and money. Kiwi’s vision is represented by their slick, simple yet sophisticated website design. They make traveling easy and accessible to everyone. In just a few years in the market, they are now acquiring a staggering 90 000 000+ daily search queries and book over 25 000 seats per day. offers a unique flight cancellation or delay guarantee that makes sure the holiday plans won’t go to waste if it’s not the customer’s fault. Their multilingual customer support is ready to assist 24/7. One more feature that is quite revolutionary is the interactive map of the world loaded with pricetags – this simplifies the process of picking and choosing a destination that fits the budget so easy. These uniques features make the service extra appealing to the travelers.

It’s not surprising that the affiliates that join this offer make hundreds of dollars, and you can do it too! Monetize your traffic the right way with Indoleads and watch your passive income grow.



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